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Trimble Catalyst DA2 System Bundle for Esri LAMP

Trimble is pleased to work with Esri to deliver the Trimble Catalyst DA2 system bundle for the Esri Land Administration Modernization Program (LAMP). The collaboration is an innovative way to empower land administration organizations in resource-constrained countries with accurate, easy-to-use geospatial tools. The bundled solution provides LAMP participants with affordable GNSS positioning technology that integrates

T4D Control Version 6.4 & Settop M1 Firmware Upgrade

Trimble 4D Control (T4D) software version 6.4 will be available for customers to download next week. The latest version includes an add-on rail-specific monitoring solution, which simplifies the data collection process and reduces up to 95% of the office work required to automate movement detection. There is also a firmware upgrade for the Settop M1.

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Trimble eCognition Version 10.3

Trimble eCognition version 10.3 software will be available for customers to download next week. Highlights include new Image Registration and Segmentation Preview tools that streamline and expeditesthe creation of rulesets. In addition, the seamless integration of Python enables a powerful tool for advanced ruleset development. See the release notes for more information and complete list

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Customer Story Breaking the Centimeter Barrier with the Trimble MX9 System

Breaking the Centimeter Barrier with the Trimble MX9 System Trimble MX9 mobile mapping system delivers precisions for engineering surveys that had been previously considered unobtainable. Discover how a Danish firm used mobile mapping to meet sub-centimeter specifications of a major rail project. A Danish surveying firm had been given daunting technical specifications and logistical constraints

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Announcing: Trimble TSC7 Controller Version 2

Trimble announced the release of version 2 of the Trimble TSC7 controller this week. This update includes improvements to battery life and extra storage capacity. New Look Trimble TSC7: Hard Working as Ever  Published DateNovember 1, 2022 The new look Trimble TSC7 v2 survey controller, now with more battery and storage power, works as hard

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GIS Day 2022: Nov 16

It’s GIS Day on Nov 16! In recognition of the day which celebrates GIS and mapping technology around the world, we have created a new poster you can print for the office and share with your customers.   DOWNLOAD HERE

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Trimble Protected: End of Warranty for Premium Plan for Trimble TCU5

TRIMBLE PROTECTED ANNOUNCES END OF WARRANTY FOR TRIMBLE PROTECTED PREMIUM PLAN FOR THE TRIMBLE TCU5 CONTROLLER Trimble Protected Premium plans providing five years of coverage for the Trimble® TCU5 controller will be available for purchase through 31 December 2022. Note: This End of Warranty bulletin only impacts the Trimble Protected Premium multi-year accidental damage plans

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Trimble Protected: End of Warranty for Trimble Positions

TRIMBLE PROTECTED ANNOUNCES END OF WARRANTY FOR TRIMBLE POSITIONS SOFTWARE Trimble Protected Plus software protection plans are no longer available for Trimble® PositionsTM software effective immediately. Any protection plans previously sold will be honored to their expiration date. Protection plan part numbers Listed below are the affected Trimble Protected protection plans. Listed below are the

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Trimble® Positions™ Desktop add-in was first released in 2012 as an add-in to Esri® ArcGIS® Desktop, designed to integrate high accuracy data collection workflows into on-premise ArcGIS infrastructure. Over the years, supported field workflows included ArcGIS for Windows Mobile (with Trimble Positions Mobile extension), ArcGIS ArcPad (with Trimble Positions ArcPad extension), Trimble TerraSync™, and Trimble

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Announcement: Trimble Terra Office

We are pleased to announce a new brand name for our desktop GIS software: Trimble Terra Office. The first product to carry the name is Trimble Terra Office add-in for ArcMap, which replaces both Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and Trimble TerraFlex Desktop add-in, and supports the new offline GNSS corrections for TerraFlex and existing desktop

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Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, will join us at Dimensions+

You might know him as the co-founder of Apple or the genius behind personal computers, but did you know Steve Wozniak has spent most of his life connecting the physical and digital worlds? Wozniak has won countless awards, been involved in many businesses and philanthropic ventures and continues to push the boundaries of innovation. At

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Introducing The New Trimble X12 – 3D Laser Scanning System

3D laser scanning has evolved. The new Trimble® X12 scanning system unites the best of both worlds with industry-leading hardware and Trimble’s powerful, ultra-efficient Trimble Perspective software for guaranteed peak performance. No more complicated workflows. No complex registration process. No compromises in accuracy, speed, range, or imaging. WATCH THE VIDEO LEARN MORE Today, precision data

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Trimble announces the release of the TDC650! Available to order in July 2022!

Trimble Precision in Your Hands The Trimble® TDC650 is the ultimate high-performance GNSS handheld receiver for GIS professionals. Slim, rugged and easy to use, it boosts productivity and delivers maximum positioning accuracy in a single integrated solution. By combining the flexibility of a handheld with intuitive Android™ simplicity and robust field applications like Trimble TerraFlex™

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Geospatial Weekly Newsletter: June-2022

Trimble Access v2022.00 Now Available Trimble Access v2022.00 software was released this week, and includes new features and functionality for General Survey, Roads and Tunnels. What’s New Blog Post   TBC v5.70 Now Available Trimble Business Center (TBC) was released this week, and includes new features and functionality for scan inspection, aerial photogrammetry and tunneling workflows. What’s

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C4Gnet.XYZ Real-Time Network Now Supports BeiDou!

USE GPS – GLONASS – GALILEO – BEIDOU TODAY To get all 4 constellations in a network solution, you will need to use either the PPP_GNSS_CMRx_NAD83 (for Trimble only rovers) or PPP_GNSS_RTCM3_2_NAD83 (for all rovers). You will also get all 4 constellations using a Nearest Single Base mountpoint.  These start with prefix NSB and are

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High Precision Asset Mapping—Anywhere

By Trimble Geospatial | March 10, 2022   Accurate asset inventory and mapping is crucial for effective asset management and planning. Such accuracy demands are difficult to meet with legacy GNSS methods and corrections approaches. One prominent asset-mapping firm that maps for clients with multiple facilities worldwide adopted precise point positioning (PPP) for seamless, consistent, and reliable

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Get a Handle on Your GNSS

Meet the Trimble Catalyst Handle, an easy-to-hold mounting accessory for phones and tablets that transforms the Catalyst DA2 GNSS receiver into a compact, lightweight handheld data collector. Mount your iOS or Android device with the Catalyst DA2 and get 1 cm Hz precision on your favorite GIS app like ArcGIS Field Maps or Trimble TerraFlex.

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MDOT using LiDAR technology for road construction

JACKSON, MISS. – The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is using LiDAR (light detection and ranging), to improve efficiency and safety in the construction and maintenance of road projects around the state. LiDAR is a method for determining ranges or distances by targeting an object with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light

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IMPORTANT ALERT! 3G Cell Service Deactivating!

3G Service Shutdown Notice to TSC3 and Geo7X Users: Starting February 22, 2022, AT&T will start shutting down their 3G cellular network to free up mobile bandwidth for their newer services. Some cellular providers have already started this process and others plan to complete it throughout 2022. This will directly impact the cellular connectivity on

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Dimensions is back in 2022 | Register now at a reduced rate!

Big news! Trimble Dimensions user conference will be back, live and in-person, in Las Vegas, November 7-9, 2022. To celebrate our return, for the first time ever we’re offering a special Advance Loyalty rate. Register before the end of 2021, and pay only $1,295 for a full conference pass. That’s $200 less than the early

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TBC v5.52 Now Available!

Because Trimble takes cyber security measures seriously for all of our users, past and present, TBC v5.52 includes the following security updates, which are required to support various features as described: Trimble Identity (TID) Security for ID profiles has been enhanced to provide safe, continued support for products within Trimble that require a TID (for

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Introducing the Trimble MX50 Mobile Mapping System

Mobile scanning and imaging for asset management and road maintenance The Trimble® MX50 is a practical field-to-finish mobile mapping solution for asset management, mapping, and road maintenance. The system delivers a very accurate point cloud of the environment along with complimentary immersive imagery providing substantial gains in productivity. Overview Whether for highway management, utilities, or local

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TBC Power Hour: UAS Field to Finish Workflows in TBC

  Join the TBC team with Guest host Mike Tartaglia from SITECH Southwest as we explore some of the new features and workflows within the aerial photogrammetry module of TBC. In this session we’ll look at importing, processing and adjusting different types of UAS data for the creation of orthomosaic, point cloud and raster-based digital surface

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What’s New in Trimble Access 2021.10

  Version 2021.10 of the Trimble Access software was released on 7th June 2021. The latest release of Trimble Access includes a number of new features including: Support for scan to scan and scan to surface comparisons Configurable stakeout deltas GNSS MultiTilt measurement method Layer Manager to easily control the files and data shown in

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What’s New in TBC v5.50

TBC v5.50 Now Available Trimble Business Center (TBC) v5.50 was released on June 07, 2021. This release includes exciting new features and enhancements including: Updated ArcGIS connection to ArcMap and ArcPro Enhanced IFC and TRB file support Numerous Aerial Photogrammetry workflow improvements Added capabilities and semi-automated approaches for linear feature extraction and cross-sections from point

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Trimble Dimensions: Digital Construction and an Evolving Workforce Lay the Foundation for Change

Advancing technologies and shrinking labor pools continue to impact infrastructure. Crucial steps in both areas must be taken to lay the foundation for the modernization and innovation of our most critical assets. Watch this episode of the Spotlight Series on Reviving the U.S. Infrastructure for answers to your questions about the future of project delivery and

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Trimble Dimensions: How We Will Write the Future of Infrastructure

U.S. infrastructure is at a turning point. Rapid recovery is the focus but we can’t lose sight of the bold moves that need to be made. Trillions of dollars in spending could end up equalling zero if the infrastructure community can’t come together to make historic change. In episode two of our Spotlight Series on Reviving

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Trimble Dimensions: Unleashing the Power of Collaboration and Data for Digital Delivery

Difficult challenges surround construction technology adoption and the use of data in digital project delivery. And none of these industry challenges can be solved in a silo. Join us for the first episode of our Spotlight Series on Reviving the U.S. Infrastructure, where leaders representing the owner, designer, and contractor’s perspectives discuss how they use collaboration,

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NEW: Trimble Perspective Mobile App Available For Download

Trimble Perspective Mobile The new mobile application for quick and easy scanning with the Trimble X7 Trimble Perspective Mobile (TPM) is available now free for download on both iOS and Android mobile phones. The TPM phone app pairs with the Trimble X7 to provide the core functionality of Trimble Perspective field software for controlling the

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NEW Trimble SX12 Scanning Total Station – Engineered for Everyday

Trimble® SX12 Scanning Total Station is the one instrument you need to handle any survey project by integrating surveying, imaging and 3D scanning capabilities into your everyday workflow.             Trimble SX12 features at a glance: High accuracy total station, high quality scan data 1″ angular accuracy 1.5 mm scan range

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New! Trimble Tunneling Website

Trimble has released a new Tunneling website to provide an overview of Trimble solutions across the tunneling project lifecycle including customer success stories, benefits, and Trimble products.   Phase 1: Project Definition Tunnel projects start with defining the specifications and collecting data for the proposed tunnel design. Initial site surveys are performed using efficient

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TBC v5.40 Now Available!

Trimble Business Center (TBC) v5.40 was released on December 14, 2020. Below are the major new features for this release. Subscription Pricing Now Available for TBC Trimble Business Center v5.40 introduces a new way to purchase the software on a subscription basis. The new subscription pricing may be valuable for companies that purchase software on an

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Trimble Access 2020.11 Available Now

Trimble Access version 2020.11 is now available and adds support for the Trimble TCU5 controller. For details on other issues resolved in 2020.11 please click here to see the release notes.    

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NEW Trimble TCU5 Controller – Experience the Freedom of Total Control

There’s freedom in having control—especially when it comes to streamlining your workflows. That’s why you’ll love how we’ve empowered our Trimble® S Series Total Stations with our new, adaptable Trimble TCU5 controller. Powered by the latest Trimble Access™2020, a modern 5″ touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and Android OS, this mighty technology elevates your productivity from the field

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Augmented Reality for Surveyors

Augmented Reality for Surveyors Trimble has just released SiteVision for Windows, which is available on the Trimble TSC7 and T7 controllers when combined with the new R12i GNSS System. This combination brings a host of benefits including: Works with the new Trimble R12i GNSS+Inertial System Operates on the large 7” screen in full daylight conditions

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mdInfinity: Learn How Easy it Can Be to Process Drone Lidar Data

Do you have questions about using the right data processing software to process and visualize UAV mapping data? Learn how you can make your drone surveying work more accurate, profitable and efficient. Microdrones has developed mdInfinity which provides an easy and affordable means to process all your drone LiDAR and photogrammetric data quickly and efficiently.

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Webinar: Introducing the Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver

  Introducing the Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver   We are excited to introduce the Trimble R12i GNSS system, the new flagship of the Trimble Survey GNSS portfolio. The Trimble R12i features Trimble TIP™ Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)-based tilt compensation technology, which enables points to be measured or staked out while the survey rod is tilted,

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Trimble Access 2020.10 Now Available

Trimble Access 2020.10 supports IMU tilt compensation when using the new Trimble R12i receiver with Trimble Inertial Platform™ (TIP™) technology. Trimble Access 2020.10 is available for Windows 10 controllers and the Trimble TDC600 Android controller. With version 2020.10, more Trimble Access applications are now available on Android. In addition to Trimble Access Roads that was

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New eCognition Community

  We are excited to announce the launch of our new Community platform. The eCognition Community is part of the eCognition Knowledge Base at and provides an integrated environment for knowledge transfer, support, and feedback. Registration to the eCognition Community is open to all geospatial professionals and academics. The new eCognition Community offers: Discussions:

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EPC Company Saves Clients Time and Money with Augmented Reality

The Challenge: ONEC is a mid-sized EPC company that provides comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction services throughout Western Canada and the U.S., serving clients in the oil and gas, utilities, and industrial sectors. ONEC has seen rapid growth even in this challenging environment by leveraging their innovative spirit and exceeding their clients’ expectations. ONEC uses

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Trimble 4D Control v6.0 Now Available for Download

Hot off the press with a new three-tier edition structure to handle any monitoring project requirements, this version makes monitoring more accessible to a wider group of service providers through term-based pricing and a simplified setup process.

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Trimble SiteVision Version 2.00

The Trimble SiteVision team is pleased to announce that version 2.00 of Trimble SiteVision Software is now available. Users can now create a new model from the device. This is particularly useful when the user wants to do quick data collection, and use the SiteVision apps when there isn’t existing data in the current area

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Trimble Access 2020 Release – May 4th

A new version of Trimble Access is scheduled for release on Monday, May 4th. Among other enhancements, this release includes an Android version available exclusively on the Trimble TDC600 device. Stay Tuned for Release Notes or Contact Sales for more info.

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Trimble Business Center v5.30 will be released on Monday, April 27th

Trimble Business Center v5.30 will be released on Monday, April 27th. New features will include a new CAD Command Line, Point Feature extraction enhancements, new Surface tools and updated Tunnel workflows. This latest release features for CAD and drafting, surfaces, tunnels and corridors, mobile mapping and working with field data. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A

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Trimble Make Your Mark: Whitney Broussard, Senior Scientist JESCO, Inc.

TRIMBLE CUSTOMER STORY WHITNEY BROUSSARD Senior Scientist, JESCO, Inc. | Louisiana, USA Making maps became a lifelong passion project Ask Whitney Broussard what drew him to the geospatial industry, and he’ll tell you: “Making maps.” On a field assignment in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Whitney watched a creek flowing and wondering where

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Response to COVID-19: Online Resources, Curbside Dropoff & Pickup Now Available

A MESSAGE TO OUR COMMUNITY To our NEI Community, We at NEI are concerned with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which poses a worldwide health emergency. The health and safety of our employees, customers, partners and the communities we serve is our number one priority. As the situation continues to evolve, we’re closely following the most up-to-dateguidelines

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Introducing the Trimble R12 GNSS Receiver

Push the Boundaries of GNSS Performance.   Trimble is pleased to announce the release of the Trimble® R12 GNSS receiver. Built on the all-new Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS positioning engine and the latest Trimble GNSS hardware, with powerful technologies like Trimble SurePoint™, Trimble CenterPoint® RTX, and Trimble xFill®, integrated into a sleek design, this unrivaled system

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Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.42

This firmware version includes fixes and enhancements to the Survey Receiver Firmware. For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2019.00 (or 2017.23 for legacy controllers) or later when using Survey GNSS Receiver Firmware version 5.42.   Release Notes

TBC v5.10 Patch 1 Released

TBC v5.10 Patch 1 is available for download and installation from the download site or from within the Check for Updates routine in TBC. This patch addresses plotting and plot preview issues as well as some minor bugs and additions. Please review the ReadMe for complete details.   Download Here Read Me  

Trimble Access 2019.01 Available Now

Resolves a number of issues including retaining the last used code, improved radio connections between a TSC7 and S-Series instruments and Bluetooth connections to GNSS receivers.

Trimble announces the NEW TDC600 Handheld

The Trimble® TDC600 handheld is the latest addition to the GIS handheld portfolio. It is our next generation smartphone data collector with an Android™ 8.0 operating system, bright sunlight-readable 6-inch display, powerful 2.2 GHz processor, large 4 GB memory, and an enhanced capacity all-day battery. It also supports the Trimble Catalyst software GNSS receiver for high-accuracy positioning.

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SPECTRA PRECISION PRODUCTS: GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO) – Action Required

This article is for Customers who own Spectra Precision Products: What is WNRO? WNRO is that moment when the GPS week number switches from 1023 to 0 (more information on this particular event in the Support Bulletin below). What is the consequence of the rollover? Any GNSS receiver that does not account for this rollover

GNSS Firmware Update Required – Encryption and Beam Change for Trimble RTX

All Trimble RTX™ and Trimble xFill® compatible devices must be updated to versions of firmware supporting the encrypted streams, as well as configured for the new satellite beams, in order to continue to use Trimble RTX and Trimble xFill services. The provided support bulletin contains a matrix of each receiver, the required firmware and the

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SPECTRA PRECISION ANNOUNCES NAME CHANGE AND A NEW BRAND IDENTITY: CHANGE REFLECTS EVOLVING BUSINESS Spectra Precision announced  the launch of a new brand identity and name for its survey and GIS suite of solutions. The organization will now be known as Spectra® Geospatial. The brand will include a new logo and website domain name: The announcement

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NEI and Delair Announce UX11 Drone Now Available Through Global Network

April 26, 2018 – Delair, a leading supplier of commercial drone solutions, today announced the global availability of its breakthrough Delair UX11 fixed-wing UAV, an innovative hardware-software platform that provides highly accurate images for survey-grade mapping, with on-board processing capabilities and real-time, long-range control. The platform’s enhanced centimeter-level precision along with its efficient operational characteristics

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Trimble Forensics and IPTM Announce Training Partnership

Trimble® Inc. and the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM) are pleased to announce a partnership to provide training for law enforcement on Trimble Forensics solutions. IPTM is regarded as the leading organization to provide training to law enforcement. For more than 30 years IPTM has been delivering a high standard of training on

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Introducing the Trimble® TSC7, the rugged, ergonomic controller that delivers the power and flexibility of Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro and Trimble Access™ software on a seven-inch touch screen. This powerful combination unleashes unlimited potential for your workflow. With the TSC7, you don’t just get the big picture. You control it.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE

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Delair’s UX11 Bundles Now Available from NEI

NEI is pleased to announce that UX11 Bundles are now available for purchase on the NEI website.   The Delair UX11 is STABLE & EASY-TO-USE. Perform Large-area mapping with centimeter-level precision and optional PPK for survey-grade results. UX11 Key Differentiators: Map large areas faster – cover 2,1 km² (520 acres) with 1.7 cm GSD at 122

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GET OVER YOUR GAS DETECTION PROBLEMS: with the MicroDrone MdTector 1000 CH4

The mdTector, from Microdrones, is a lineup of professional aerial inspection solutions. mdTector1000 CH4, is a fully integrated aerial methane inspection package. It’s purpose-built for professionals who are responsible for inspecting methane gas infrastructure. See and detect. The mdTector1000 CH4 consists of a Pergam gas sensor, mounted and integrated perfectly with a Microdrones md4-1000 UAV.

LSU C4G says, “Thank you” to all of our loyal clients that have made it possible for C4G infrastructure and research to continue over the last ten years!

NEI Clients: See below for an opportunity to qualify for discounts at the C4G Web Store *********************************************************************************************************** To show our appreciation C4G is implementing a multi-tiered discount system we call our Client Loyalty Program. Clients qualify for this multi-tiered discount based simply on the number of years they have been using the C4GNet Real-Time Network service. Clients

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Intergeo 2017 – What’s new from NEI and Trimble

TRIMBLE INTERGEO 2017 ANNOUNCEMENTS Trimble and NEI are excited to announce a number of new solutions for geospatial professionals including new mechanical total stations with autofocus technology, a new high-performance, large screen tablet, and a new app that enables easy sharing of survey project data. Plus new versions of our software to help you create even

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Trimble releases R1 GNSS Firmware 5.08

Trimble has released the 5.08 GNSS firmware (August 2017)  for the R1s and the new bluetooth mode should make the R1 easier to connect to  mobile devices. What’s New in the 5.08 GNSS Firmware Add SV123 to EGNOS SV list Receiver is now discoverable over Bluetooth whenever it is switched on AND it is not

Trimble Releases Trimble Business Center v3.90

Trimble recently released a new version of TBC 3.90     The following are the new features included in the various licensing options for this version of Trimble Business Center. See “Licensed Features” in the online Help to determine which of these new features are available with your license and to read more information about

Trimble releases new version of Trimble Positions Desktop add-in for Esri ArcGIS

Trimble has recently announced a new release in the Trimble Positions suite: Trimble Positions Desktop add-in This release focuses on improvements to the TerraSync workflow and also includes a number of important bug fixes. Highlights include: New toolbar to access TerraSync tools. There is now a new “Trimble Positions TerraSync” toolbar provided by the Trimble

NEI Partners with Microdrones

NEI Partners with Microdrones 2017-04-11 Kelley Roberts Partnership Will Provide Quadcopter UAVs for Surveying and Mapping in the Southeastern United States Microdrones recently announced a distribution agreement with Navigation Electronics, Inc. (NEI). This partnership is aimed at providing UAV quadcopters in the Southeastern United States. The NEI team has added Microdrones mdMapper systems to their

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Trimble Land Mobile MX2 Kits & Software Now Available on the NEI Website

Check out our newly added Land Mobile Category on the NEI website for all your vehicle-mounted mobile spatial imaging system needs. More Info on Trimble MX2: The Trimble MX2 is a vehicle-mounted spatial imaging system which combines high resolution laser scanning and precise positioning to collect geo-referenced point clouds for a wide range of requirements.

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Trimble AccessSync version 2017.00 Also Now Available!

The AccessSync service has been enhanced to support the Trimble Connect cloud-based collaboration platform. This means that you can choose to transfer files from your field controller to and from Trimble Connect, rather than the Trimble Connected Community. Users must sign up for a Trimble Connect account in order to take advantage of the new

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Trimble Access version 2017.00 Now Available!

Trimble Access version 2017.00 is now available and includes support for the Spectra Precision® FOCUS 30 and FOCUS 35 total stations, and the Spectra Precision SP60 and SP80 GNSS receivers. In addition, a number of frequently requested customer enhancements have been implemented. The Trimble Access software suite offers surveyors and geospatial professionals a range of

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New Product: Zephyr 3 Base and Rover GNSS Antennas

Trimble Geospatial is pleased to announce an update to the Trimble ® Zephyr GNSS Antenna product line. The new Trimble Zephyr 3 Base and Trimble Zephyr 3 Rover GNSS Antennas keep the same form factor as the current Zephyr 2 antennas but contain additional filtering capabilities. The Zephyr 3 antennas have an updated Low Noise

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Trimble TerraFlex Add-in for ArcMap: February 2017 Release

  Trimble has recently announced that an updated version of Trimble® TerraFlex™ add-in for ArcMap® is now available. The TerraFlex add-in enables you to create projects straight from your Esri® GIS and download collected data directly back into it. There are no import and export processes to manage, meaning higher data quality and greater productivity

NEI announces addition of Microdrone and Delair-Tech products to extensive portfolio

NEI is pleased to announce we are now licensed distributors of Microdrone and Delair-Tech products!   Building upon the Trimble (TRMB) announcement that Delair-Tech and microdrones will jointly become official UAS suppliers for Trimble’s worldwide distribution network, NEI is please to announce they are now licensed dealers of both product brands. microdrones is now showcasing

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Spectra Precision Releases New Version of Survey Pro 6.0.1

  Spectra Precision recently released a new version of Survey Pro, 6.0.1   Introduction Survey Pro v6.0.1 is a maintenance update with minor issue resolutions and updates. Spectra Precision Survey Pro version 6.0.1 is an incremental update and is available to all customers with a current software maintenance plan (software warranty) and all customers with

TRIMBLE SURVEY GNSS FIRMWARE: Special note on 31 December 2016 leap second

Trimble has made every effort to ensure our receivers will work seamlessly through the addition of one leap second on 31 December 2016. Our current firmware fully supports the introduction of a leap second on 31 December 2016. In simple terms, the introduction will occur at the UTC cross over between 31 December 2016 and


  As the leader in high accuracy positioning, Trimble® continues to invest in its network to maximize uptime and reliability. As part of our continued focus to improve reliability and network maintenance, Trimble will be transitioning to a URL-based data connection method, effective December 15, 2016 . This will allow us to better manage how

Trimble releases new version of Trimble Positions Desktop for use in Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop Software

Trimble released Positions Desktop Add-in Software for Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop  this week.   We are pleased to announce a new release in the Trimble Positions suite: Trimble Positions Desktop add-in In addition to bug fixes, usability and performance improvements, and support for ArcGIS Desktop 10.5, this release also adds support for post-processing data collected using

Common Ground: Solving the Survey-GIS Gap

Ron Bisio, Trimble’s Vice President of Geospatial, wrote an article for GISCafe regarding the bridging the gap between the  GIS and Surveying disciplines. Below is his discussion on how these professions are closely related and how they can complement one another using Trimble hardware and software.   Common Ground: Solving the Survey-GIS Gap We’ve all

microdrones is now showcasing four new mapping solutions as Part of Trimble Partnership

  With the recent news of Trimble selling off its UAS business, Trimble has entered into strategic alliances with Delair-Tech and Microdrones of Siegen, Germany. Microdrones is a leading provider of multirotor UAS solutions. Under the agreements, Delair-Tech and Microdrones will become preferred providers of both fixed-wing and multirotor UAS solutions, with Trimble providing software,

Trimble Unveils SX10 Scanning Total Station for Surveying, Engineering and Geospatial Professionals

A Next-Generation Surveying Instrument that Redefines Measurement Performance with High-Speed 3D Scanning, Imaging and High-Accuracy Optical Measurements Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) unveiled today a next-generation survey instrument—the Trimble® SX10 Scanning Total Station. It merges high-speed 3D scanning, enhanced Trimble VISION™ imaging technology and high-accuracy total station measurements into familiar field and office workflows for surveyors. The

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Trimble Releases Access v2016.03

Trimble has released a new version of Trimble Access v2016.03.  Please review the information below to see what is new.  Also, you can check out our video tutorials on how to upgrade the software. Installing TIM Updating TSC3 Operating System   General Survey New features and enhancements Easier way to enter the project height when

Trimble Announces TDC100 Handheld GNSS Data Collector Combines Smartphone Like User Experience with Professional Grade Capabilities

Ruggedized and Highly Accurate Data Collection for GIS Professionals   SAN DIEGO, Calif., June 28, 2016—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today its Trimble® TDC100 handheld data collector. An entry-level Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) device for a variety of Geographic Information System (GIS) applications, the Trimble TDC100 combines both smartphone and ruggedized data collection capabilities in

FAA Finalizes Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Regulations will create new opportunities for business and government to use drones WASHINGTON – The Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration has finalized the first operational rules (PDF) for routine commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or “drones”), opening pathways towards fully integrating UAS into the nation’s airspace. These new regulations work to harness new

FREE Louisiana Workshop: Mobile Data Collection to ESRI ArcGIS via Collector, Terraflex, and Terrasync

Free Louisiana Workshop: High Accuracy Mobile Data Collection to ESRI ArcGIS Workshop Workshop Focus: ESRI Collector, Trimble Terraflex, and Trimble TerraSync software workflows direct to ArcGIS utilizing mobile devices and external receivers for high accuracy data collection Date: June 23, 2016 Location: LA DOTD Headquarters Auditorium Start: 08:00am | End: 11:30am Instructors: Eric Bock, GISP, Trimble

New Spectra Precision LT52 Point and Line Laser Tool

New Spectra Precision LT52 Point and Line Laser Tool The Tool for All Trades   Spectra Precision is pleased to announce a new addition to its industry-leading line up of construction lasers – the Spectra Precision® LT52 Point & Line Laser Tool. The LT52 combines a 5-beam laser pointer with a horizontal and vertical crossline laser

Trimble Access 2016.01 now supports the Trimble TSC2 controller

Trimble Access 2016.01   Trimble Access 2016.01 now supports the Trimble TSC2 controller   Support for the Trimble TSC2 controller is back due to popular demand. A significant number of customers requested access to the new features in the Trimble Access 2016.00 release, and while the TSC2 platform is aging and does not perform as

AccessSync Services will no longer be supported on TSC2

“As a user of Trimble AccessSync services  on your Trimble TSC2, we need to make you aware that effective  July 7th , 2016, AccessSync will no longer be supported on TSC2 devices, due to the expiry of SHA-1 certificates and limitation of support by Microsoft.  While your TSC2 controller will still operate, you will no longer be

Trimble Business Center v3.70 Release

Trimble Business Center v3.70 Release We are pleased to announce Trimble Business Center software v3.70. This release provides many new tools and enhancements in CAD and Drafting, Point Cloud Operations, and TBC Project Management. These features help users efficiently merge data from previous jobs into new projects and create rich final deliverables.   The new

Trimble Access v2016 Release

Trimble Access v2016 Release We are pleased to announce a new release for Trimble® Access™ that includes a wide range of enhancements to General Survey that have been asked for many times by customers in recent years. There are performance improvements in Pipelines, and an exciting new feature in Trimble Installation Manager. Trimble Access v2016.00

UAS Legal Path to Fly Opens Up, Up, Up!

The legal path to fly UAS for commercial use has been in place for some time now, but with a recent change by the FAA it is now easier than ever for businesses to fly both fixed wing and multi-rotor unmanned aerial systems.  The FAA has a very clear path to legally fly UAS in

Ranger 3 Series / TSC3 Series – Windows Embedded Handheld – Firmware version 3.0.3 – Language Provisioning

Ranger 3 Series / TSC3 Series – Windows Embedded Handheld – Firmware version 3.0.3 – Language Provisioning Download this Windows Embedded Handheld Operating System to get the latest updates and to configure your Trimble Ranger 3 / TSC3 Series Handheld Computer into one of the 6 supported languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, or

NEI Proud to work with St. Charles Parish GIS Office

Nei is privileged to work with St. Charles Parish as they implement Trimble Feedback which allows their citizens to report on issues such as street light outages.  Trimble Feedback helps local governments with reporting, tasking, and analyzing city wide issues in an effort to be more efficient in resolving the issues being reported by their

New Spectra Precision DG613 & DG813 Dialgrade Lasers

   New Spectra Precision DG613 & DG813 Dialgrade Lasers    Compact, Tough and Smart Pipe Lasers     Spectra Precision is pleased to announce a new generation of Dialgrade® pipe lasers – DG613 & DG813. They may be smaller than previous models but pack a serious punch. The length of the unit has been reduced

TerraFlex: 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With It! Part 2

  Overview Trimble® TerraFlex™ is a flexible app that helps mapping & GIS professionals across many industries and applications to manage data collection more efficiently. With TerraFlex you can deploy a common workflow for your field crews to collect assets and information easily on their preferred mobile device, and store all information in the cloud

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.11

This firmware version includes improvements to the Survey Receiver firmware.

NOTE: For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2015.20 or later when using Receiver Firmware version 5.11.

Trimble Adds Kenai Tablet to its Portfolio of Rugged Computing Solutions

Trimble introduces the Kenai™ rugged tablet computer, an all-in-one computing solution that can transport a user’s office to the field, forest, desert, manufacturing floor or boardroom. Known for its family of rugged handheld computers, Trimble brings the same durability, reliability and feature-rich design to the Kenai tablet’s versatile configuration making it a powerful mobile computing

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Trimble Business Center version 3.61

Trimble Business Center version 3.61 We are pleased to announce Trimble Business Center software v3.61. Some of the new enhancements include: Streamline the workflow of integrating the survey data into ESRI using the new GIS Module Significant improvements to TBC Aerial Photogrammetry module including the robustness of the engine, reduced processing times and a more descriptive report

Trimble Business Center 3.60

Trimble Business Center 3.60   New features Data review and editing Import leveling data from non-Trimble levels Change total station setup type View timestamp for optical observations Visualize and store measurements Trimble R2 receiver support Spectra Precision SP60 support Spectra Precision FOCUS DL-15 support Total Station Editor Feature coding and attribution Support for horizontal/vertical offsets

Trimble Access software version 2015.22

Trimble Access software version 2015.22 General Survey version 2015.22 Resolved issues   SV count in NMEA output: An issue where a very large number of SVs was reported in NMEA data output to VRS networks or from the receiver when the Use job coordinates option was selected in the NMEA output options in the survey style is

Survey Pro v5.7.1

  Survey Pro v5.7.1           Spectra Precision released a new version of Survey Pro v5.7.1 as a maintenance update to version 5.7.  This version is available to all customers with a current software maintenance plan (software warranty).   New features and changes New Features Refreshed Traverse / Sideshot screen that includes all

Trimble’s R2 GNSS Receiver Enables Increased Flexibility for High-Accuracy Data Collection with Mobile Devices

Trimble introduced the R2 GNSS receiver, a receiver that works with Trimble® handheld devices and  iOS, Android or Window® mobile handhelds, smart phones and tablets using Bluetooth® or USB connectivity. When paired with a mobile device, the receiver adds professional-grade Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) capabilities to enable high-accuracy data collection. The rugged and simple-to-configure

Introducing Trimble Business Center Version 3.60

We are pleased to announce Trimble Business Center software v3.60. This release provides many new tools and enhancements in CAD, Drafting, Network Adjustment, Feature Code Processing, and much more.


Trimble introduce the TDL2.4 radio which allows users to connect to a Trimble Robotic Total Station using a Controller running Trimble Access 2015.20. The TDL 2.4 Radio provides a wireless connection to a controller (without internal radio) via a Bluetooth connection and the TDL2.4 radio connects to the Trimble Total station through the Trimble typical 2.4 GHz connection.

Latest GNSS firmware now has automatic radio FW upgrading

Trimble has added new functionality to our GNSS receiver firmware for the current Trimble R10/R10LT and Trimble R8s. The latest firmware version (v5.03, released June 2015) and later, automatically checks if new radio firmware is required when loading receiver firmware. Note the affected receiver part number table below.

Trimble ZX5 Multirotor

Trimble Takes Flight with New ZX5 Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2015—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today the ZX5 Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), a new aerial imaging and workflow solution that captures and processes geo-referenced photo and video data for mapping, agriculture and inspection applications. The Trimble® ZX5 complements the UAS portfolio with the ability to reach smaller, remote environments faster, while providing accurate mapping data for improved productivity in the field and back office.

“Unmanned aerial systems are powerful tools that are transforming geospatial-based mapping and inspection applications to positively impact our world,” said Todd Steiner, product marketing director in Trimble’s Geospatial Division. “Adding a multirotor solution to our portfolio provides options for our customers working across multiple environments to collect accurate spatial data, transform it to intelligence and create deliverables.”

With the ZX5, Trimble extends its unmanned aerial portfolio to include both fixed-wing and multirotor solutions, providing customers with a choice to meet their specific requirements. Trimble’s fixed-wing UX5 provides longer flight capabilities for large, open environments including farms, mines, canals, flood areas and forests—while the ZX5 is more suited for mapping smaller sites, including facades, obstructed areas, construction sites and standard aerial mapping applications.

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Spectra Precision TR10 Tripod for Laser Tools

Spectra Precision TR10 Tripod for Laser Tools   The TR10 tripod is specifically designed for Laser Tool applications. It is smaller and lighter than traditional construction tripods and also has a much lower price. The TR10 has a 5/8”-11 thread mounted on an elevating tripod extension. It is a handy and useful accessory for many

Hard Tripod Case with Wheels

8160-31 Hard Tripod Case with Wheels   Transporting Your Valuable Instrument Tripod Safely and Securely Just Got Much Easier FEATURES & BENEFITS   Fits all heavy-duty instrument tripods, collapsed 47-inches or less   Made from hard durable black ABS plastic   Full-length aluminum hinge   Four fold-down latches   Carry handles: one on the side,

Laser Receiver Cut & Fill Rod

7310-13 Laser Receiver Cut & Fill Rod Lightweight Rod Made From Materials That Resists Concrete Splatters FEATURES & BENEFITS   SECO’s Laser Receiver Cut & Fill Rod is perfect for curb & gutter and grade setting jobs   Red color graduations are set to “cut” value from grade with a range of 1.40 ft (0.43

Tilting Magnetic Topo Shoe

5193-04 Tilting Magnetic Topo Shoe Strong Magnet Keeps Pole In Place while Allowing Precise Location FEATURES & BENEFITS   Tilting pivot allows measurement on sloped or flat pipe surfaces   Standard topo shoe length, 3.375- inch (85.7-mm), compatible with all SECO Poles   2-inch (50.8-mm) diameter chromeplated steel housing with grade-8 ceramic magnet ring  

Visit nei at the 2015 ESRI User Conference

Come visit nei as we exhibit at the 2015 ESRI User Conference in San Diego! Visit us at booth #1700 Tuesday-Thursday(July 21-23)! We will be conducting 10 minute booth sessions on the latest Trimble solutions each day at 10am and 2pm…come by our booth for more details and to enter for a chance to win

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Trimble GIS GNSS Firmware: Leap Second Introduction on 30 June, 2015

  The world’s clocks will be adjusted by one second on 30 June 2015 when a leap second will be inserted into Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the standard international time scale. All UTC clocks should insert a second labeled 23h 59m 60s (the leap second) following one labeled 23h 59m 59s UTC. GLONASS uses UTC

Special note on July 1, 2015 leap second

Trimble has made every effort to ensure our receivers will work seamlessly through the addition of one leap second on July 1, 2015. Our current firmware fully supports the introduction of a leap second on July 1, 2015.

Visit NEI at Georgia URISA Workshops at Jekyll Island

Summer Low Cost GIS Workshops at Jekyll Island August 24th and 25th, 2015 And August 26th, 2015 GIS/GPS Resources Room at Georgia Environmental Conference   NEI is proud to support this workshop by sponsoring and exhibiting!  Georgia URISA extended the workshop itinerary and is going to a new event location for 2015 while still keeping

Trimble Business Center version 3.50

Trimble® Business Center office software is ideal for working with all types of geospatial data. The software provides numerous innovative and powerful features, and it is easy to learn and use.

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.01 (April 2015)

This firmware version includes improvements to the Survey Receiver firmware.
NOTE: For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2014.20 or later when using Receiver Firmware version 5.01.

2015 Georgia URISA Board Corporate Sponsors Chair

Xavier Davis, GISP and President of Georgia URISA is pleased to welcome Jeannine Hightower, of NEI, to the Georgia URISA Board.  Jeannine Hightower is the new 2015 Georgia URISA Corporate Sponsor Chair.  Jeannine brings many years of experience to the Corporate Sponsor Chair position.  Jeannine has worked diligently with clients, professionals, and others within the geospatial

How to Locate Using a Sonde by Schonstedt

All About Sondes (aka mini-transmitters, moles or beacons)     Benefits 512 Hz sondes and many other 512 Hz transmitted devices work with any Schonstedt pipe & cable locator model.  Sondes benefit a variety of industry applications. In water & sewer, they can help pin-point blockages or pipeline defects when used with video inspection systems.

NEI and Datumate to Collaborate in Promoting Award-wining Field-to-Plan Technology

Lafayette, Louisiana       February 5th, 2015 — Datumate, a market leader of innovative ‘Field-to-Plan’ technologies for the surveying, civil engineering and architecture industries, has joined hands with Navigation Electronics (NEI), a leading supplier of products and services to survey, mapping, GIS, construction, mining and engineering professionals throughout the Southeastern United States. Datumate ( transforms the surveying,

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New Advanced Spectra Precision Rugged Laser Series for General Construction, Site Prep and Interior Applications Introduced by Trimble

The new Spectra Precision lasers are ruggedized, automatic self-leveling and designed for a wide range of general construction, site preparation and interior applications including general elevation control, leveling forms and footers, concrete pours, excavations, ceiling and drywall installation as well as single and dual slope work. The Spectra Precision GL412N and GL422N are single and

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.00 (March 2015)

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.00 (March 2015) Requirements This firmware version includes improvements to the Survey Receiver firmware. This requires a valid firmware support agreement of:  May 2014 or later for all support models NOTE: For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2014.20 or later when using Receiver Firmware version 5.00.

NEI has a new YouTube Channel

  NEI has a new YouTube channel containing Trimble hardware and software how-to videos all in one location.   Check out the  NEIGPS You Tube channel and please subscribe to our channel.

Trimble has released new versions of Pathfinder Office and TerraSync Software

Today February 27th 2015, Trimble has released new versions of Pathfinder Office and TerraSync Software.     GPS Pathfinder Office software version 5.70 includes the following new and updated features: •Support for the Trimble R1 GNSS receiver. •The Trimble SSF/DDF extension has been updated to be compatible with FME 2013/2014. •Base File vs. Base List (Provider)

HYSWEEP Multibeam Courses! Register Now!

  HYSWEEP Multibeam Courses! Register Now! During the next couple of months HYPACK, Inc. will be holding several HYSWEEP Multibeam Training Courses in 3 continents: Africa, Europe, and North America. Do not miss the opportunity to learn HYPACK®-HYSWEEP® 2015 and its powerful multibeam data collection and processing tools. HYSWEEP Multibeam Training Course In Tampa, FL                                 Don’t Miss It!On March 2-4

Trimble’s Pocket-Sized R1 GNSS Receiver Enables High-Accuracy Data Collection with Smart Devices

    Today Trimble has released the new pocket-sized R1 GNSS Receiver that enables high-accuracy data collection with smart devices. Improved GNSS positioning—on any deviceFor users challenged with collecting high-accuracy location data using their existing consumer-grade devices, the Trimble R1 receiver is the solution. No matter what smart device you choose—from iOS to Android—for collecting

Trimble Releases NEW versions of TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office

Trimble has released new versions of TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office. The TerraSync v5.65 Features Include: Support for Trimble RTX™ correction services on the Trimble Geo 7X handheld. You can now select RTX as the primary real-time source. When you select RTX as the correction source: –the Correction Datum field is automatically set to WGS

Trimble Power Line

Trimble Power Line The Trimble® Power Line application provides a streamlined workflow to measure and estimate the sag of a power line without shooting the cable. It provides a conventional survey workflow to record points on both power pole and line. The wizard-based workflow in the Power Line software helps you define key points on

Trimble Debuts New Rapid Positioning System to Simplify Layout for Building Contractors

Trimble Debuts New Rapid Positioning System to Simplify Layout for Building Contractors MUNICH, Jan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today the Trimble® Rapid Positioning System, a simplified layout solution for building construction professionals. The Trimble Rapid Positioning System includes the Trimble RPT600 Layout Station to layout points and capture as-built measurements and Trimble Field Link 2D software running

Trimble InSphere Advanced Planned Maintenance

Trimble InSphere Cloud will be undergoing advanced planned maintenance on January 6th 2015, starting at 12:30 (PST) and lasting approximately 3 hours.  During this time: InSphere Cloud will be unavialable. TerraFlex Mobile users will be able to collect data, however Real-time Syncing will not be available during this time frame   Please visit the Trimble

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.93

Requirements This firmware version includes improvements to the Survey Receiver firmware. It is considered a minor revision. This requires a valid firmware support agreement of:  May 2014 or later for all support models NOTE: For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2014.20 or later when using Receiver Firmware version 4.93. Supported GNSS Receivers R10/R10

FAA lets 4 companies fly commercial drones

FAA lets 4 companies fly commercial drones WASHINGTON — Four companies won approval Wednesday to fly commercial drones to conduct aerial surveys, monitor construction sites and inspect oil flare stacks, the Federal Aviation Administration announced. The approvals for Trimble Navigation Limited (TRMB), VDOS Global, Clayco Inc. and Woolpert Inc. come as the FAA drafts comprehensive

Trimble Obtains Exemption to Operate its Unmanned Aircraft System

Trimble Obtains Exemption to Operate its Unmanned Aircraft System   Federal Aviation Administration Grants Exemption for the Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 10, 2014—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted an exemption that will allow the company to conduct commercial operation of its Trimble® UX5 Aerial Imaging

Dimensions 2014 Session Presentations Now Available

    Dimensions 2014 Session Presentations Now Available Dear Dimensions Attendee: If you have participated in the Dimension’s survey, we appreciate your input and will certainly use the information in order to provide you with a better experience at the next Dimensions User Conference. If you have yet to fill out the survey, there is

NEI Geo7X Webinar Questions & Answers

Geo7X Webinar Questions & Answers NEI hosted a webinar this past summer pertaining to the new Trimble Geo7X.  The webinar was a very detailed overview of the Geo7X.  Several great questions were asked during the Geo7X Webinar, so we have detailed these Questions & Answers below: Q.  What antennas are compatible with the Geo7X? A.

Are you tired of Esri’s ArcPad Low Memory errors on your Trimble Mobile Device?

Esri’s ArcPad is a wonderful field collection software for those users interesting in working directly within the ArcGIS environment while utilizing a check-in and check-out process.  This is ideal for data maintenance because a user can zoom into a particular area of interest, pick the features they want to edit or view, and then check them out to

Announcing the November 2014 release of Trimble Positions

Today, Trimble has released its new version of Positions Software Suite.  The Positions Development team has done a wonderful job on updating this version of Trimble Positions Desktop and we think you will feel the same. At the configuration level, users can turn off the project types they dont want to use, so users are not overwhelmed

Trimble Launches Field Service Management Connect

Trimble Launches Field Service Management Connect to Streamline Data and Drive Operational Efficiency  “FSM Connect is a package of Web services for Trimble customers and partners that provide a comprehensive and reliable way to enable a seamless information flow between Trimble FSM solutions and back-end or third-party systems. This means the value of data can be

Trimble Realworks and Imaging Systems

Trimble Realworks and Imaging Systems Trimble Certified Training is pleased to offer the following advanced product training for Trimble End Customers interested in our scanning product line! Duration: 4 Days Location: Doubletree by Hilton, 2150 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Kenner, LA 70062 Date: Tuesday, December 2- Friday, December 5 Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm *Recommended hotels and will be forwarded to participants

Trimble Business Center v 3.40 (64-bit)

Trimble Business Center v 3.40 (64-bit) Trimble released Trimble Business Center v 3.40 (64-bit) including new features, for Trimble vision, General survey, CAD and drafting, Corridors, System support, Machine control, ease of use. Also in the release they resolved several issues, added miscellaneous notes, system requirements and step by step on how to install and

Trimble releases RTX Correction Services for use with the Geo7X Handhelds

      Last week during the Trimble Dimension conference in Las Vegas, Trimble announced  that its RTX™ technology-based correction services will be available for the Trimble Geo7X handhelds.  Trimble RTX over cellular connection works worldwide and delivers real-time corrections without the need for a base station or VRS™ network. This removes the burden of infrastructure for

Trimble Access Software 2014-20 released

Trimble Access Software 2014-20 released couple of weeks ago with new feature General Survey: Enhancements to Trimble V10 imaging rover support Enancements to Trimble CenterPoint RTX service support Combine RTK and RTX in the same job Trimble CenterPoint RTX service corrections via internet Countdown timeer for RTX subscriptions purchased as blocks of hours Reset RTK

Trimble Business Center 3.30 (64-bit) and 2.99 (32-bit) released

Trimble Business Center 3.30 (64-bit) and 2.99 (32-bit) released couple of weeks ago with some great new features: General Survey: Traverse Adjustment Trimble InSphere Data Marketplace Import Esri shapefiles (.shp) xFillX support New Geoid models and zones Include zone number in coordinates CAD/Design: Smooth curve feature coding Vector-based fonts Line weight Anti-alias option show and

Trimble Offers More Flexibility for Surveyors with Expanded GNSS Portfolio

Trimble Now Offers Continuous RTK Level Accuracy with  Enhancement to RTX-based Trimble xFill Technology BERLIN, Oct 7, 2014—Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) introduced today additions to its Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) portfolio—the Trimble® NetR9 Geospatial receiver; the Trimble Geo7X with Trimble Access™ field software onboard; and enhanced Trimble xFill™ functionality that provides continuous RTK level accuracy when

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Carlson Surveyor2 Now Available!

Monday, Carlson announced the latest version of their popular software, Surveyor2. Bundles will range in price from $3650 to $4700, depending on the hardware solution that fits your needs. Surveyor2 Standard comes with a 1Ghz processor, 512 MB/8G RAM data storage, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4.3 inch VGA display, 10600 maH Lithium ion battery and more. Surveyor2

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What’s New in RTK?

What’s New in RTK? So, you have driven out to a remote location to locate or update GPS features, only to find that the cell coverage is sketchy.  Enter, the NEW Intuicom RTK Bridge X. This device is a great tool to always have with you to get you through your GPS collection day. This device

New from Spectra Precision: LL300

The Toughest Laser You’ll Ever Own Equipped with full weatherproofing, dust proofing. and superior drop protection, the automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision Laser LL300 from Trimble is the most rugged laser level available, and it’s now available at NEI. Tough enough to handle a wide variety of general and concrete construction applications, the Spectra Precision LL300

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New Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.91 (Sept 2014 – Corrected)

New Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.91 (Sept 2014 – Corrected) New Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.91 Update This firmware version includes improvements to the survey receiver firmware. For best results users should upgrade to Trimble Access version 2014.10 or later. Supported GNSS receivers: if you have any Trimble R10, R10 LT, R8 models

Introducing Trimble Business Center Version 3.22 with integrated Bentley Workflows

Introducing Trimble Business Center Version 3.22 with integrated Bentley  Workflows Trimble announced a new version of the Trimble Business Center software v3.22.  This new version offers direct access to Bentley’s ProjectWise collaboration servers and services providing integrated workflow for roads and civil infrastructure projects. Trimble Business Center v3.22 also supports the new i-model technology for the

Trimble Launches Quarterly Geospatial Software Newsletter

Trimble announced plans on Wednesday to roll out their first quarterly Geospatial software newsletter. Issue 1 of Trimble Geospatial Software News is scheduled to hit inboxes by Friday, September 5th, and will contain software solutions, tips & tricks, software-related events, customer stories and much more. Issue 2 is slated to arrive in October, and will

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An Alternative way to Differentially Correct your GNSS Data in Mississippi using Trimble’s Pathfinder Office Software

Have you have been collecting GNSS data in Mississippi only to find out that several base stations in the Trimble Pathfinder Office Differential Correction (DC) wizard don’t seem to work properly when you try to post process your data? Does this message look familiar?    …“Unable to extract base data from….” There are several issues that can cause

What’s New in Trimble InSphere?

Data Marketplace The new InSphere Data Marketplace allows geospatial professionals to quickly search and obtain map data on demand.  Data Marketplace is a one-stop shop for your mapping and spatial data needs. Just a click away, you can now discover and access hundreds of premium and freely available spatial data sets, such as DigitalGlobe, Intermap,

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2014 LSU C4G Height Modernization Workshop Now Available Online

Did You Miss The Louisiana 2014 Height Modernization Workshop? The entire event, held on July 29th, 2014 at the Cook Hotel & Conference Center in Baton Rouge is now available on demand on the C4G YouTube Channel.   Featuring talks from several experts in the field of height modernization, including the following: Introductions – 12:35

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NEI Launches Technical Services for Rentals

August 1st, 2014   We are very excited to announce our roll-out of NEI Technical Services for Rentals! Starting today, you can get a quote from Rentals Manager Freddie Chautin tailored exactly to the particular needs of your organization. For just $150 per hour (minimum of one hour service), we can handle pretty much everything

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Coming Soon from Trimble Software: Trimble Access Power Line

7.30.2014 Trimble recently announced that it will launch a new spinoff of it’s popular Trimble Access Software Suite, Trimble Access Power Line 1.0. This application can be used simultaneously with other applications. Conduct Power Line Surveys in 5 Easy Steps: – Measure Topo – Measure Structure – Measure Power Line – Measure Backsights – Locate

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Carlson Survey 2015 is HERE!

The 2015 Carlson Survey Software roll-out includes the following improvements: New command for communicating with Carlson SurvCE data collection in the Carlson Cloud for sending messages, data files, and crew locations; New command to create offset points along an alignment such as for curb stakeout; Ability to save status of toolbars and allow migrating toolbar

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FDOT Florida Permanent Reference Network (FPRN) Adjustment August, 2, 2014

FPRN News July 23, 2014 Network Adjustment The Florida Permanent Reference Network (FPRN) will undergo a Network Adjustment on August 2, 2014. The new adjustment will bring the FPRN into harmony with the National Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) Network. The broadcast coordinates will change from NAD83 (CORS96) – Epoch 2002.0000 to the current realization

Trimble Trade In Days Extended until October 3rd, 2014!

Trimble accounced Wednesday that they will extend their trade in promotion on Leica Total Stations until October 3rd, 2014. This trade-in program can be used toward the purchase of new Trimble VISION instruments. Your company can get up to $7000 trade value towards a new Trimble VISION bundle or $5000 trade value towards a standalone

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Trimble V10 Tech Tips part 2/2

Trimble V10 Tech Tips part 2/2 Trimble V10 Imaging Rover: Optimum Angle Intersection Areas Products Trimble® V10 Imaging Rover Question How should I configure my Photo Stations with the Trimble V10 Imaging Rover to obtain optimum intersection areas? Answer Within the green area, you can achieve suitable intersection angles for two photo stations. Outside this

New Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.90 Update

New Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.90 Update This firmware version includes improvements to the survey receiver firmware. For best results users should upgrade to Trimble Access version 2014.12 or later. Supported GNSS receivers: if you have any Trimble R10, R10 LT, R8 models 4 & 3, R6 models 4 & 3, R4 models 3

FREE Webinar – Linear Structure Workflows: Corridors and Cross-Sections

Free Webinar – Linear Structure Workflows: Corridors and Cross Sections Thursday, July 10th – 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM A “Corridor” is a 3D model of a linear structure, such as a road, waterway, railroad or a pipeline. The corridor is based on horizontal and (optionally) vertical alignment and includes templates that define cross-sections throughout

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Exporting TerraSync Field Data (SSF) straight out of the Trimble GNSS Device

Exporting TerraSync Data Files to an Esri Shapefile directly from a Trimble GNSS Device There may be times when you have to export your TerraSync field data (SSF file) right from the data collector and the process is pretty straight forward.  Keep in mind that if you did not receive real-time corrections during your field

Trimble Demonstrates Two New Concept Applications for Google’s Project Tango Program

  If you haven’t heard about Google’s Project Tango Program yet, then I recommend you watch their video  to learn more about how they are working”…to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.(”   You can think of Project Tango as a mobile scanner using 3D motion and depth sensing coupled with precise positioning built right into

Trimble V10 Tech Tips part 1/2

Trimble V10 Tech Tips Part 1/2 Trimble V10 Imaging Rover: Shock-Absorbing Tip Products Trimble® V10 Imaging Rover Question In what way is the tip of the Trimble V10 Imaging Rover different to normal rods? Answer The Trimble V10 Imaging Rover has a shock-absorbing tip. Large and abrupt accelerations are introduced into the rover when the

Trimble Geo7X Important OS Updates and Rangefinder Application Enhancements

  Trimble MGIS has just released an important Operating System (OS) update and an enhanced Rangefinder application for the Geo7X.  We recommend that all users upgrade to this operating system version and Rangefinder App.  Please read over the release notes and user guides linked below because there are a ton of new valuable enhancements and

Trimble Business Center Version 3.21 released

Trimble Adds Automated Mapping and Plotting Functionality to its Office Software Suite for Surveyors and Geospatial Professionals Advanced Drafting Module Streamlines the Production of Mapping Deliverables and Enhances Project Communication SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 12, 2014—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today a new version of its powerful office software suite used by surveyors and geospatial professionals for processing

New GPS satellite launched into space from Cape Canaveral

New GPS satellite launched into space from Cape Canaveral CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. –  A Delta 4 rocket has lifted off from Cape Canaveral carrying a GPS satellite. The United Launch Alliance rocket that soared into space Friday will place a navigation satellite into the Global Positioning System constellation for the Air Force. This is the

HYPACK 2014 Training with Christian Shaw to be hosted by NEI

One June 10th, 2014, NEI will be hosting the HYPACK 2014 Training Event with Instructor Christian Shaw at our Lafayette Corporate Headquarters. For more information about this class, or to register, visit : Training: 6/10/14 – 3 Day HYPACK Training Class – Lafayette, LA    

Trimble CDMA Connectivity Options Now Available on GNSS Survey Systems

New Trimble CDMA Connectivity Options Available on GNSS Survey Systems – 5/6/2014 Connectivity is a crucial part of survey data collection and Trimble GNSS survey systems now offer more options for those using connectivity data plans. In response to requests from Trimble’s North American customers wanting to use a Verizon data plan, they are now

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Trimble Dimensions 2014 – Save the date!

Trimble has released the dates for the 2014 Trimble Dimensions Conference, which will be held Novelber 3-5th, 2014, at the Mirage Hotels and Events Center in Las Vegas, NV. Trimble Dimensions is an educational and networking opportunity for professionals wishing to stay ahead of the curve on all different kinds of technologies and products under

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PDH/GISP-Eligible Geospatial Training Workshops – Norcross, GA

  Nei is excited to offer 4 new Advanced Geospatial Training Workshops in our Norcross, GA office that will be instructed by our award winning Trimble Certified Trainer.   Come join us for these specialized technical workshops focusing on Trimble’s TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office software, and you will leave being more productive using streamlined workflows

NEI Well Represented at Dale Carnegie Course in Lafayette, LA

Congratulations to the Spring 2014 Lafayette,LA Chapter Dale Carnegie Graduates! NEI was well represented by Lane Leblanc, Kevin Cormier, and especially MGIS Trimble-Certified Repair Technician Kris Comeaux, who also took home the Highest Achievement award! Congratulations to all of you! Job well done!  

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Trimble April New Releases

Trimble Business Center Software Version 3.20  Trimble® Business Center software, version 3.20, includes over 40 new enhancements that increase customer efficiency and streamline workflows.Geospatial professionals now have access to an improved processing and analysis experience. With an integrated and powerful new point cloud engine, users can visualize and edit large point clouds while simultaneously working

Trimble Delivers 3D Scanning Extension for SketchUp

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 14, 2013—Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) announced today the release of Trimble® Scan Explorer Extension for Trimble SketchUp Pro; a powerful, easy-to-use tool enabling architects, engineers and geospatial professionals to create models from 3D scanning data. The new solution connects the high-resolution field data from Trimble scanners with intuitive and powerful professional modeling software;

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Pelican Cases Partners with AT&T

Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces New Lineup of Rugged Phone Cases   TORRANCE, CA — April 18, 2014 – Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases, today announced the launch of a new line of rugged phone cases for both the Apple iPhone® 5/5s and Samsung Galaxy S®5 smart phones.

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Important Information About Pathfinder Office Post-Processing Problems

From NEI Training and Technical Support Manager Eric Bock: Earlier today we became aware of a problem downloading CORS base station data from the NGS/NOAA servers through Trimble Positions Desktop add-in.  At the beginning of post processing, you will see error messages for the failed downloads.  We are currently investigating the issue but it appears

Mapping Buried Fiber Cable in Columbia County, GA

Congratulations to NEI Georgia Mapping/GIS Sales Representative Jeannine Hightower for her work with Columbia County on this project! Article reprinted from Point of Beginning’s website. For the full article, click here:   Mapping Buried Fiber Cable in Columbia County, GA – Kevin Corbley – April 5th, 2014 The GIS Department in Columbia County, Ga., is

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Apparent Market Confidence for Offshore Energy Production

A total of 50 companies submitted a 350 bids for a combined $850 million for 1.7 million acres off the coast of Louisiana at the federal government’s Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale, held March 19th in New Orleans.This is great news for investors and employers in the energy sector, as it heralds another year

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Spectra Precision Pipe Laser Trade-In Program Extended

Receive discounts as much as 22% and up to $1100 trade credit towards a new Spectra Precision DG711 or DG511 Pipe Laser when you trade in your older generation model. In an effort to support customers who have older pipe lasers for which repair and service are no longer available, Spectra Precision has extended their

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Introducing Trimble InSphere: Upcoming Webinars

Trimble recently introduced Trimble® InSphere™, a new software platform for geospatial information management. Join us to find out more how Trimble InSphere improves workflow, maximizes efficiency and transforms the way geospatial professionals work and access critical operational information. On a single, simple, and easy-to-use web platform, InSphere provides access to multiple applications. Attend one of

NEI Donates Trimble UX5 Unmanned Aerial System to Nicholls State University

Yesterday morning, Nicholls State University made history by officially becoming Louisiana’s first owner of a Trimble UX5 Unmanned Aerial System. With Nicholls’ new President, Dr. Bruce Murphy, and Dr. Balaji Ramachandran, Associate Professor of Geomatics standing by, NEI President Barbara Poche’ signed the paperwork, effectively transferring ownership of the $70,000 equipment package to the university.

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Spectra Precision’s Latest Survey Receiver Uses Six GNSS Systems

Spectra Precision introduced today its next-generation Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS receiver. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the survey market, the new SP80 combines GNSS technology and a combination of communication capabilities with an ergonomic design, the company said. The SP80 is specifically designed for mainstream surveying and construction applications such as cadastral, topographic, control,

Now Selling Pelican Elite 7-Day Coolers Online

This morning, as you may have noticed, we added several Pelican Elite coolers to our website. If you are considering a Pelican or a Yeti cooler for your long term cold storage needs, we have prepared a list of comparisons below to help make this decision a little easier for you. As you can see,

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Press Release: New Version of HYPACK Now Available

After months of development and testing, HYPACK® 2014 is now officially released. We are very excited about this new version. This release demonstrates both our commitment to be a leader in the hydrographic and dredging industry and our continuing efforts to provide our customers with the best features and tools that gives them an ongoing

NEI Featured in The American Surveyor

As the digital age carries us forward, methods of surveying are constantly changing. Because of this, it can be especially challenging for schools to keep their students at the forefront of the profession. Colleges and universities that offer geomatics and surveying programs are faced with the task of balancing classic theories with new technologies. But

Carlson News

SurvCE 3.0 now available featuring hundreds of new features and improvements in addition to retaining its main and universal advantages, which include a simple interface, quick learning curve, and now even stronger graphics,   Carlson SurvCE 3.0 has been recently released.While SurvCE customers are encouraged to upgrade through their local dealers, Carlson has also put access to

Critical Information Regarding Microsoft Update and ArcGIS

      Critical Information   Regarding Microsoft Update and ArcGIS A recent Microsoft update (deployed as KB 2732673, KB 2775511, or KB 2824408) may   result in data corruption when using ArcGIS on a Windows 7 system and writing   data to remote data storage on a Windows Vista, 7, 2008/2008 R2, or 2012

Trimble Introduces WaterWell Monitoring Solution for Complete and Accurate Water Level Data

Trimble introduces its WaterWell Monitor solution for the collection of groundwater level data to support environmental managers and consultants, landfill owners/operators and site operators. The solution provides increased efficiency in data collection and management for monitoring water wells at landfills and remediation sites. Fast data entry, onsite verification and GPS navigation streamline the monitoring process

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NEI Technical Support

NEI Rebranded

It has been almost 30 years since Charlie Poche started at NEI in 1984, and in that time we have dedicated ourselves to provide only the best products & solutions and unparalleled customer service. It is the core of our business and always will be. Now, as dependable as our ’84 Crown Victoria has been

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NEI Open House!

Navigation Electronics, Inc. Wednesday, July 25, 2012 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (CDT) Lafayette, LA

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