IMPORTANT ALERT! 3G Cell Service Deactivating!

3G Service Shutdown

Notice to TSC3 and Geo7X Users:

Starting February 22, 2022, AT&T will start shutting down their 3G cellular network to free up mobile bandwidth for their newer services. Some cellular providers have already started this process and others plan to complete it throughout 2022. This will directly impact the cellular connectivity on your Trimble Geo7X, TSC3, or any other 3G enabled device. There are a few alternatives to choose from if you are actively using a Trimble Geo7X or a TSC3:

•  Use a cell phone hotspot (i.e. Android or iOS device)

•  Use a mobile hotspot (ie, Verizon Jetpack, Netgear Nighthawk)

•  If using a Trimble TSC3, update to a Trimble TSC5, Trimble TSC7 or other Trimble device

•  If using a Trimble Geo7X, update to a Trimble TDC150, Trimble R2, or Trimble Catalyst

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