Trimble Access v2016 Release

Trimble Access v2016 Release

Trimble Access 2016

We are pleased to announce a new release for Trimble® Access™ that includes a wide range of enhancements to General Survey that have been asked for many times by customers in recent years. There are performance improvements in Pipelines, and an exciting new feature in Trimble Installation Manager.

Trimble Access v2016.00 is releasing mid April 2016, and is required to take advantage of these improvements.


Some of the new enhancements include:

·         Named targets

·         Dynamic offsetting during stakeout

·         Perpendicular offsets from DTM

·         Prefix + suffix for staked point names

·         Duplicate point support on import

·         LandXML alignments displayed in the map

·         Gesture support for zooming and panning in the map on a tablet

·         Measure codes now supports the AccessVision split screen

·         Proximity check tolerance for points with similar coordinates

·         Vertical offsets for GNSS measurements

·         Filtering of points in the map or video view based on Name, Code or Description

·         … and many more

Significant performance improvements have been made when working with very large joint map files, both during the process of creating large joint map files, and when using the joint map file at as-built survey time.

Trimble Installation Manager
Custom data folders can now be set up so that the files contained in these folders are installed to the controller when the Trimble Access software is installed or upgraded. This can be very beneficial when wanting to set up more than one controller with additional files such as survey styles, job templates, feature code libraries, control and DXF files.

For a full list of improvements, visit and view the release notes.

Please note that v2016.00 cannot be installed on Trimble TSC2 controllers.


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