Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.00 (March 2015)

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.00 (March 2015)

This firmware version includes improvements to the Survey Receiver firmware. This requires a valid firmware support agreement of:
 May 2014 or later for all support models
NOTE: For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2014.20 or later when using Receiver Firmware version 5.00.

Change to the WINFLASH software Device type listing
In the Device type listing (on the opening dialog) of the latest Winflash release, the device listing for the Survey receivers has changed. The device type listing previous to this release listed all the receiver models. To simplify this, the Geospatial receivers are now listed as:
 Trimble Survey Modular Receivers*
 Trimble Survey Integrated Receivers*
The Trimble Survey Modular Receivers selection includes the following receiver types:
 Trimble NetR9 Geospatial**
 Trimble R7
 Trimble R7 Model 2 (R7 GNSS)
 Trimble R5
The Trimble Survey Integrated Receivers selection includes the following receiver types:
 Trimble R10
 Trimble R10 LT
 Trimble R8
 Trimble R8 Model 2 (R8 GNSS)
 Trimble R8 Model 3
 Trimble R8 Model 4
 Trimble R6
 Trimble R6 Model 2
 Trimble R6 Model 3
 Trimble R6 Model 4
 Trimble R4
 Trimble R4 Model 2
 Trimble R4 Model 3
*The Trimble 5800 and Trimble 5700/5700II receivers will remain in their individual device listings, if your existing version of Winflash on your PC includes them. The receiver models are considered legacy and are no longer included with current firmware releases.
**The Trimble NetR9 Geospatial receiver was moved from the Trimble NetRx receiver device listing now resides in the Trimble Survey Modular Receiver device listing

Version 5.00 Release Notes
The release notes describe the added features and improvements made to Trimble Survey GNSS receiver firmware.

Supports the extended xFill when the receiver has a valid CenterPoint RTX subscription. With the CenterPoint RTX subscription, xFill will continue indefinitely after the loss of your terrestrial correction source.
Contact your local Trimble representative for more information on CenterPoint RTX subscriptions.

Supports Positioning Averaging on the WebUI.
Using the Receiver Configuration menu item, select Reference Station.
On the Reference Station page, there is now an Average button for position averaging just below the Here button.
Below the button is a Position Averaging section that shows the Average Position and the amount of time the position has been averaging.
The Average button loads this position as your Reference Station position when selected.

Trimble R10 now using higher accuracy geoid model for NMEA output directly from the receiver
The Trimble R10 firmware now includes the Earth Gravitational Model 1996 (EGM96) Geoid Model for more accurate Orthometric Height output from the R10 receiver. The R10 receiver now matches Orthometric Height from a SPS (Heavy & Highway) receiver.
NOTE: Most Geospatial users define their geoid model within Trimble Access software for typical surveying applications. The geoid model internal to the receiver is only used when sending messages directly from the receiver to a third party application.

Special Note in reference to Leap Second announcement from IERS. Trimble has made every effort to ensure our receivers will work seamlessly through the added leap second on July 1, 2015. Currently, our firmware supports this change and we are testing with simulators to ensure there are no issues. In the event that a fix is needed, we will release an new firmware prior to July 1, 2015.

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