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Introducing the Spectra Geospatial SP100 GNSS Receiver

Spectra Geospatial is pleased to publicly announce the release of the new SP100 GNSS receiver. With precise, IMU-based tilt compensation, the SP100 is designed to get field work done faster. Combined with Spectra Geospatial Origin field software and Survey Office software, the SP100 helps you handle any surveying project quickly and cost efficiently.

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Trimble Introduces Next Generation MPS566 Modular GNSS Heading Receiver

Trimble announced today its next generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver for marine construction and drilling and piling operations—the Trimble MPS566 Modular GNSS heading receiver. With built-in dual GNSS antenna ports and constellation-agnostic Trimble ProPoint™ technology, the MPS566 delivers highly accurate positions and orientation for work that demands precise heading. With a ruggedized and

Effortless Flexibility: Introducing the Trimble TDC6 Data Collector

The Trimble® TDC6 handheld is a multi-functional data collector that provides users with a powerful and flexible way to perform their field tasks across industries and applications, including mapping and GIS, surveying, forensics, utilities, civil construction and forestry.   Effortless Flexibility: Introducing the Trimble TDC6 Data Collector


Microdrones, a leader in fully integrated drone surveying equipment, has released its latest innovation in drone surveying technology: the EasyOne Drone LiDAR System. With this new package, you can expect a smaller operational form factor that allows for easy transportation and storage, along with an enhanced user interface through the new Remote-Control design with mdCockpit. From mission planning

Now Available: Trimble Survey GNSS Receiver Firmware Version 5.61 & 6.21

Trimble Survey GNSS receiver firmware version 5.61/6.21 is now available. This release includes enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements. It is highly recommended users upgrade and run the latest firmware version. The firmware can be uploaded/downloaded with Trimble Installation Manager (TIM). Users with an active firmware warranty date of December 2022 can install firmware 5.61/6.21 now.

New Trimble Product Sneekpeak

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