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Augmented Reality for Surveyors

Augmented Reality for Surveyors Trimble has just released SiteVision for Windows, which is available on the Trimble TSC7 and T7 controllers when combined with the new R12i GNSS System. This combination brings a host of benefits including: Works with the new Trimble R12i GNSS+Inertial System Operates on the large 7” screen in full daylight conditions

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GIS, GNSS and Accurate Asset Mapping for Port of New Orleans

POBOnline December 2, 2019 Jodie Hartnell   Prior to 2016, the busy Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) had “No enterprise GIS, no GIS software, and no dedicated GIS staff,” according to Maggie Cloos, Port NOLA GIS Manager. “We then got a grant for port security from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), secured GIS

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High Precision Asset Mapping—Anywhere

By Trimble Geospatial | March 10, 2022   Accurate asset inventory and mapping is crucial for effective asset management and planning. Such accuracy demands are difficult to meet with legacy GNSS methods and corrections approaches. One prominent asset-mapping firm that maps for clients with multiple facilities worldwide adopted precise point positioning (PPP) for seamless, consistent, and reliable

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NEI Geo7X Webinar Questions & Answers

Geo7X Webinar Questions & Answers NEI hosted a webinar this past summer pertaining to the new Trimble Geo7X.  The webinar was a very detailed overview of the Geo7X.  Several great questions were asked during the Geo7X Webinar, so we have detailed these Questions & Answers below: Q.  What antennas are compatible with the Geo7X? A.

New Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.90 Update

New Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.90 Update This firmware version includes improvements to the survey receiver firmware. For best results users should upgrade to Trimble Access version 2014.12 or later. Supported GNSS receivers: if you have any Trimble R10, R10 LT, R8 models 4 & 3, R6 models 4 & 3, R4 models 3

PDH/GISP-Eligible Geospatial Training Workshops – Norcross, GA

  Nei is excited to offer 4 new Advanced Geospatial Training Workshops in our Norcross, GA office that will be instructed by our award winning Trimble Certified Trainer.   Come join us for these specialized technical workshops focusing on Trimble’s TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office software, and you will leave being more productive using streamlined workflows

Special note on July 1, 2015 leap second

Trimble has made every effort to ensure our receivers will work seamlessly through the addition of one leap second on July 1, 2015. Our current firmware fully supports the introduction of a leap second on July 1, 2015.

Trimble Catalyst

High Accuracy Positions on Your Device – Trimble Catalyst Collect accurate data faster and easier by simply plugging the Trimble® Catalyst™ DA1 antenna into your Android™ tablet or smartphone. Select the subscription that matches your accuracy needs and choose the applications that meet the needs of your workflow. Trimble Corrections Hub Trimble Corrections Hub offers

Trimble Dimensions 2014 – Save the date!

Trimble has released the dates for the 2014 Trimble Dimensions Conference, which will be held Novelber 3-5th, 2014, at the Mirage Hotels and Events Center in Las Vegas, NV. Trimble Dimensions is an educational and networking opportunity for professionals wishing to stay ahead of the curve on all different kinds of technologies and products under

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Trimble Geo 7X Webinar

Introducing the Trimble Geo 7X Date: May 15th, 2014 | Start: 2:00 PM | End: 3:00 PM | CST Trimble Certified Instructor: Eric Bock This one-hour webinar will cover hardware and feature overviews, power and resets, calibrations, customizing the operating system, connecting to mobile device center, rangefinder, camera, loading software, resources and installation codes for the brand new Trimble Geo7X.   This

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Trimble GIS GNSS Firmware: Leap Second Introduction on 30 June, 2015

  The world’s clocks will be adjusted by one second on 30 June 2015 when a leap second will be inserted into Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the standard international time scale. All UTC clocks should insert a second labeled 23h 59m 60s (the leap second) following one labeled 23h 59m 59s UTC. GLONASS uses UTC

Trimble Offers More Flexibility for Surveyors with Expanded GNSS Portfolio

Trimble Now Offers Continuous RTK Level Accuracy with  Enhancement to RTX-based Trimble xFill Technology BERLIN, Oct 7, 2014—Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) introduced today additions to its Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) portfolio—the Trimble® NetR9 Geospatial receiver; the Trimble Geo7X with Trimble Access™ field software onboard; and enhanced Trimble xFill™ functionality that provides continuous RTK level accuracy when

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Trimble releases RTX Correction Services for use with the Geo7X Handhelds

      Last week during the Trimble Dimension conference in Las Vegas, Trimble announced  that its RTX™ technology-based correction services will be available for the Trimble Geo7X handhelds.  Trimble RTX over cellular connection works worldwide and delivers real-time corrections without the need for a base station or VRS™ network. This removes the burden of infrastructure for

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.00 (March 2015)

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.00 (March 2015) Requirements This firmware version includes improvements to the Survey Receiver firmware. This requires a valid firmware support agreement of:  May 2014 or later for all support models NOTE: For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2014.20 or later when using Receiver Firmware version 5.00.

Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 5.01 (April 2015)

This firmware version includes improvements to the Survey Receiver firmware.
NOTE: For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2014.20 or later when using Receiver Firmware version 5.01.