Survey Pro v5.7.1


Survey Pro v5.7.1







Spectra Precision released a new version of Survey Pro v5.7.1 as a maintenance update to version 5.7.  This version is available to all customers with a current software maintenance plan (software warranty).


New features and changes

New Features

  • Refreshed Traverse / Sideshot screen that includes all of the following new features:
  • Measure only
  • Store a previous measurement
  • Measure and store at the same time (Sideshot)
  • Angle-Only measurement
  • Offset measurements
  • Repetitions
  • Robotic control from the Traverse / Sideshot screen

It is important to note that the separate routines for repetitions, offsets, and robotic control are still in place and available as alternative methods.

  • Max+ mode for features and options to perform combined GNSS/Robotic measurements and setups
  • Switch back and forth between GNSS and Robotic seamlessly
  • Switch to GNSS Data Collection and other measurement screens using the Quick Pick menu
  • Use GNSS to set points for resections and other station setups and then measure with the robot
  • Added a GNSS Distance-Distance offset option to the offset feature
  • Configured many of the preview maps and map views to support background maps
  • Added a map view for the GNSS and Robotic staking screen
  • Open Street Maps (OSM) maps are now supported as background maps
  • Added support for the Spectra Precision FOCUS 35RX robotic total station
  • Added support for the Spectra Precision SPDL2.4 Bluetooth to 2.4GHz radio
  • Added support for the Trimble S5 and S9 total stations
  • Added CCC base support for the Spectra Precision ProFlex 800



  • Enhanced screen selection of points and line along with a much better map preview of the selection
  • Enhanced options in the GNSS Offsets feature
  • GeoLock can now work with a configured RTK receiver
  • Remote Elevation no longer causes the current station setup to be invalidated
  • GNSS Status button/display has been improved with new icons and a better data display arrangement along with eliminating flicker
  • Radio signal is replaced with a latency display for the GNSS status button and screens
  • Optical station setup will allow Use Last Station option even after reopening a job
  • Incremented the GPS leap second


General Improvements

  • 7.1: Fixed an issue where communications connection with various GNSS receivers could not be established.
  • 7.1: Resolved a situation where the Occupy Point feature would not work with Trimble GNSS receivers.
  • 7.1: The live coordinate display on the main map is now available again.
  • 7.1: Fixed a rare problem where leaving the Auto-timestamp feature on when changing jobs could cause issues with the file.
  • 7.1: Age of corrections now shows the age well past 60 seconds.
  • Many other improvements and resolved issues are included for this release.


Update procedure
Click Survey Pro v5.7.1 download to download the software
Survey Pro 5.7 enforces the requirement for a valid warranty prior to updates. The Survey Pro 5.7 installation program will use an Internet connection to verify the serial number of the data collector for warranty coverage. If the unit is not covered, you can continue the installation, but the software will only work in demo mode on the data collector until a warranty is purchased. You can also choose to discontinue the installation and keep the fully licensed version that is currently installed on the unit.
If an Internet connection is unavailable at the time of installation, and the software installed on the unit is the current minor update version, the installation will continue.
The installation program will warn you if your warranty has expired and you can choose to continue or cancel the installation at that point.


Survey Pro v5.7.1 Release Notes


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