2014 LSU C4G Height Modernization Workshop Now Available Online

Did You Miss The Louisiana 2014 Height Modernization Workshop?
The entire event, held on July 29th, 2014 at the Cook Hotel & Conference Center in Baton Rouge is now available on demand on the C4G YouTube Channel.


Featuring talks from several experts in the field of height modernization, including the following:
Introductions – 12:35
Tim Osborn; Keynote Address – 37:57
Cliff Mugnier; History of GNSS – 19:55
Bill Henning; Vertical Truth – 1:15:29
Bill Henning; Height Mod & Height Concepts – 20:16
Bill Henning; Static & Real-Time GNSS Positioning – 1:53:03
Panel Discussions – 51:16

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