NEI Partners with Microdrones

NEI Partners with Microdrones

Partnership Will Provide Quadcopter UAVs for Surveying and Mapping in the Southeastern United States

Microdrones recently announced a distribution agreement with Navigation Electronics, Inc. (NEI). This partnership is aimed at providing UAV quadcopters in the Southeastern United States.

The NEI team has added Microdrones mdMapper systems to their extensive product portfolio. These complete solutions have the ability to integrate everything GIS professionals need for applications such as surveying and mapping.

“We’re very excited to be working with Microdrones and we’ve jumped in head first with their product offering,” said Chad Hicks, NEI’s Imaging Solutions Team Lead. “We’re excited about the many benefits these UAVs can offer our customers. The aircraft have long flight times and the systems are very accurate and capable.”

Microdrones mdMapper packages integrate the aircraft, sensors, and software users need to complete projects more safely, accurately, and efficiently. These systems are easy to use, making them the perfect system for simple training. This allows companies to get started quickly with aerial mapping.

Product Line-Up:

  • mdMapper200A great option for companies seeking the easiest possible drone to transport or add to their fleet.
  • mdMapper1000Extra-long flight times and resistance to harsh environmental conditions make this complete mapping system an excellent choice for applications like surveying, mapping, inspection, and construction.
  • mdMapper1000DGThe benefits of mdMapper1000 plus the power of direct georeferencing combine to produce the best possible accuracy and time savings with no ground control points. This system is ideal for highly efficient corridor mapping.

Microdrones will also assist NEI with training, sales, marketing, and product support.

Additional accessory bundles that integrate with these packages are also available, so users benefit from the flexibility and additional functionality of the platform. Some of these optional add-ons include inspection accessories, multispectral, thermal, and soon LiDAR and methane gas detection.

“One of the greatest advantages unmanned aircraft bring to the table for geospatial companies is an increase in the scope of work they can provide. Our clients’ customers are asking them for UAV services and we’re going to help them deliver it,” said Hicks.

About NEI

NEI is a complete solution provider that sells, rents, leases, and services Mapping/GIS and Surveying/Construction equipment and technology from Trimble and other leading manufacturers, with every employee focused on delivering total customer satisfaction.

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About Microdrones

Founded in Germany in 2005, Microdrones developed the world’s first commercial quadcopter and the company still leads the industry with their professional UAV solutions.

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