Get a Handle on Your GNSS

Meet the Trimble Catalyst Handle, an easy-to-hold mounting accessory for phones and tablets that transforms the Catalyst DA2 GNSS receiver into a compact, lightweight handheld data collector.

Mount your iOS or Android device with the Catalyst DA2 and get 1 cm Hz precision on your favorite GIS app like ArcGIS Field Maps or Trimble TerraFlex.

The handle accessory supports horizontal and vertical orientation, and the magnetic mounts make it easy to rotate your device or remove it when needed for other tasks.


Get a Handle on Your GNSS

Grab GNSS by the handle?
Everyone needs a helping handle.
Ok, so what’s this GNSS “handle” and how does it help you get your GIS fieldwork done faster and easier?

Get rid of the pole.

For a lot of precise GNSS (sometimes referred to as GPS) data collection projects like road sign inventory, underground utility location and roadway inspections, you can now get rid of the typical pole setup and use a light-weight, compact GNSS with survey grade precision. Here’s what you need:

  • GNSS System: Trimble Catalyst DA2
  • Data Collector: Phone or Tablet
  • Software: Esri ArcGIS Field Maps
  • Accessory: Handle

The new Trimble® Catalyst™ GNSS system handle accessory is a simple accessory that connects all of your gear into an all-in-one, simple setup. At the end of the day, it’s just a more comfortable experience when you have to be outside for hours collecting field data.

It’s an ideal set-up for ArcGIS Field Maps and other location-based apps like PointMan, Ecobot and Trimble TerraFlex.


Why do I need this instead of just using my phone’s GNSS?

There are times when your phone or tablet internal GNSS might be good enough for the data you’re collecting. It’s when you start collecting precision-critical location data where your phone’s GNSS can be costly:

  • Digging in the wrong location and cutting a fiber optic cable that can shut down a neighborhood’s internet for hours or more
  • Mislabeling which side of the street a traffic flow issue is occurring
  • Having to re-measure 275 manholes because the data is insufficient to make urban planning development recommendations

Trimble Catalyst enhances the data you collect with your phone, by providing centimeter-level accuracy on every point you collect.


I have an old Trimble GNSS, so why do I need this?

Trimble products are designed to last a long time, and we hope you use them as long as you can. Here are some reasons people upgrade:

  • Modernization of GNSS. Access to more constellations provide better accuracy and performance.
  • Supportability and compatibility of new software equals less headaches getting your data from the field into your GIS database.
  • Works with today’s devices. Use the phone you already have, a field tablet, or one of Trimble’s rugged field devices like the TDC600.

Does it work with Esri apps?

Esri and Trimble teams work together to integrate Esri’s software and data architecture with Trimble’s industry-leading GNSS positioning. Trimble Catalyst works as a fully integrated GNSS system for ArcGIS Field Maps and is the best way to collect quality data for your ArcGIS ecosystem.

How much does it cost?

The Trimble Catalyst DA2 only costs $375 USD, and then you just pay as you go with monthly plans starting at $42/month. The handle accessory is about $149 USD. Prices may vary depending on where you work.

Where can I give this a test drive?

Just contact your local Trimble GIS Distribution Partner. Trimble has the industry’s best local sales, support, training and service network – many of which are local Esri partners and can support your Esri software questions as well.

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