Trimble Business Center TBC v3.51 released

Trimble Business Center TBC v3.51 released

For a full list of features in this release check the Read Me Notes. This upgrade is also available through Check for Updates Utility in TBC.

Trimble Business Center version v3.51 is a maintenance release addressing number of critical issues in v3.50 and v3.50.1. Projects created in this version are compatible both with 3.50 and 3.50.1 versions. Build Date (Entitlement Date) for this version 1 April 2015, same as for v3.50.

Some of the major resolved issues include:

  • VCE project may not open and a message is displayed stating that the file path name is not properly formatted
  • Trimble R8s static data not post processing
  • Unusually high RMS results can occur in the baseline processor
  • A project height error can occur on file import
  • After feature code processing, rectangle and circle features are always drawn in meters
  • Updated RINEX converter for the leap second change
  • Updated Network License Manager for Windows 10
  • Pipeline Exporter converts units

 The following enhancements have been made to this version of Trimble Business Center:

  • Export feature attributes – Export feature attributes from your project to Excel or to a .csv spreadsheet file.
  • Polish language support – Install and run Trimble Business Center with a Polish interface.
  • New Korean Geoid model – The Coordinate System Manager includes a new 2014 Korean Geoid model.
  • Updated Start Page – The Start Page has been enhanced to display the most current TBC News headline and links to featured YouTube videos (English version only at this time).

The following issues have been resolved in this version of Trimble Business Center:

  • The receiver is not recognized when importing a RINEX file.
  • The Dimension Style Manager is not opening from the icon buttons in the Create Linear Dimension and Crete Angular Dimension command panes.
  • The Pipeline Exporter converts units (for example, GroundPoint Elevation units) twice.
  • CAD files will not export with line labels.
  • The Undo command is not moving a CAD object back to where it was.
  • The Rebuild Alignment Label command will not run if an alignment is selected, but it will run if the label it contains is selected.
  • The Maximize Window button is not available in the Total Station Editor.
  • Face 2 H. Circle and V. Circle readings that are entered in the Total Station Editor during a resection are not being added completely to the Observations node.
  • The Feature Code browse button in the Total Station Editor switches sides before opening the Feature Code Editor.
  • The Total Station Editor does not automatically compute observations during entry.
  • When creating the station setups in the Total Station Editor, some fields are not allowed to be “Unknown,” but when editing the fields they can be set to “Unknown.”
  • When working with UAS data, line-of-sight rays (epipolar lines) are not displaying in graphic views after you pick ground control points.
  • The FAST Survey importer does not work in the southern hemisphere.
  • Subsequent ribbon tool tips do not display after the first one displays.
  • The Activate Limit Box command button does not stay highlighted when you hover the cursor over it.
  • An exception error may occur in the following situations:
  • You click the Delete button in the Total Station Editor.
  • You delete observations in the Edit Station view.
  • The template file is not found while working with pipeline attributes.
  • You copy and paste a definition that has had a new symbol added to it in Feature Definition Manager.
  • You export a KML/KMZ panorama to Google Earth.
  • You import symbols and create a new definition in Feature Definition Manager

For more details please check the Read Me Notes.

For more information please visit Trimble


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