Trimble releases new version of Trimble Positions Desktop add-in for Esri ArcGIS

Trimble has recently announced a new release in the Trimble Positions suite: Trimble Positions Desktop add-in This release focuses on improvements to the TerraSync workflow and also includes a number of important bug fixes. Highlights include:

  • New toolbar to access TerraSync tools. There is now a new “Trimble Positions TerraSync” toolbar provided by the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in that can be used to directly access the standalone Trimble Positions TerraSync Tools (formerly known as the Trimble Positions Pathfinder Office Tools). These tools now include: Data Dictionary Editor, Data Transfer, Configuration Manager, and SSF Record Editor.
  • Create waypoint files for TerraSync. Also included on the new toolbar is a tool for generating waypoint files for TerraSync from features in your GIS.
  • Create SSF background files for TerraSync. Also included on the new toolbar is a tool for generating SSF background files for TerraSync from layers in your GIS.
  • Support for multiple images per feature in the TerraSync workflow. You can set up multiple image fields per feature in the TerraSync DDF, and all captured images will be stored using attachments in the GIS.

Additional information, including an enumeration of bug fixes and what field workflows they apply to, is available in the release notes:

Note: If you have issues upgrading the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and the old version still appears, it may be worth manually cleaning the entry in ArcMap’s AssemblyCache after uninstalling the old version and before installing the new version. It’s generally in the following location on Windows 7 (AssemblyCache is a hidden folder):


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