Trimble Business Center 3.60


Trimble Business Center 3.60


New features

Data review and editing

  • Import leveling data from non-Trimble levels
  • Change total station setup type
  • View timestamp for optical observations
  • Visualize and store measurements
  • Trimble R2 receiver support
  • Spectra Precision SP60 support
  • Spectra Precision FOCUS DL-15 support
  • Total Station Editor

Feature coding and attribution

  • Support for horizontal/vertical offsets for linear features
  • Associate label styles with to feature
  • Copy and paste feature attributes in Feature Definition Manager
  • Process feature codes “on the fly

Survey computations and COGO Updated

Baseline Processor – You can process individual constellations; issues with Beidou-only processing are now resolved.

  • 5- and 7-parameter Helmert and least-squares transformation
  • Survey Transformation Report
  • Network adjustment – The following features have been added:
  • Add azimuth and distance constraints
  • Specify standard deviation for constraints
  • Multiply by scalar based on redundancy

New features Release Notes 5 Coordinate System Manager – The following features have been added:

  • Geoid 12B support
  • Support for EPSG
  • Grouping by country

Data interoperability

  • Export TL-Pro Terrain Manager files (.tmf)
  • Export feature attributes individually to .csv file
  • Support for importing dimensions – The following dimension types can now be imported into TBC:
    • DXF/DWG: Diametric, Ordinate, Radial, Radial Large
    • DGN: Center, Diameter, Diameter Extended, Diameter Parallel, Diameter Perpendicular, Label Line, Note, Ordinate, Radius, Radius Extended
  • Import Novapoint horizontal and vertical alignments
  • Specify time decimal precision for the Trajectory exporter

CAD and drafting

  • Visual running snap indicators
  • CAD entity
  • Create profile sheets
  • Insert an image in a Sheet View
  • Automated label tables
  • Change a point symbol
  • Enhancements to Labeling:
    • Add a layer definition when defining a line, point, or polygon label style.
    • Specify a point symbol and size.
    • Import label style definitions into a project.
  • Exchange label styles

Surface and volume analysis

  • Measure distance from points to

Corridor design

  • Use conditional instructions in corridor templates

Conditional instructions can be based on these conditions:

  • Node is below surface
  • Node is above surface
  • Node distance from surface
  • Horizontal distance between points
  • Vertical distance between points
  • 3D distance between points
  • Calculate the Profile Index of a road surface
  • View line strings in profile

Terrestrial photogrammetry

  • Faster point cloud
  • More accurate point clouds from Trimble Vision
  • Faster image loading of photo station views

 Aerial photogrammetry

  • Support for Trimble ZX5 multirotor
  • Improved error reporting and handling
  • View UAS log errors

Point clouds

  • Elevation-based rendering
  • Support for LAS classification
  • Updated Scan Data Engine (SDE) – New features include:
    • View more detail when zooming, using the limit box, and fencing areas.
    • Specify the amount of your computer’s RAM (up to 50%) you want to use to cache scan points to balance performance and detail.
  • Luminance intensity
  • Limit box selection
  • Show/hide scan data

General software improvements

  • Additional fields in Project Settings for custom
  • Define views
  • Display defined views in Presentation
  • Use enhanced functions for External Services
  • Save space and speed up file writing with a new compressed project file (.vce) format
  • 3D “sun” lighting

Resolved issues

The following issue fixes are included in this version of Trimble Business Center:

  • The “Importer for PDF files” and “Standardize Layers” commands are available only with the Data Prep module.
  • Trajectory results can now be limited to “fixed only” solutions.
  • Various fixes were made to the Limit Box command to make it more usable and predictable.

Miscellaneous notes

  • Know issue with HASP license key and Intel C602 chipset
  • SitePulse
  • VCE compatibility
  • Tutorials PDF
  • Windows 10 users
  • Windows 8 users
  • Windows XP users
  • TabletSync transfers
  • TSPX file format
  • 3D PDF
  • Known issue with KMZ panoramas
  • Proxy server settings

System requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows® 10 (64-bit version) Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit version) Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit version with Service Pack 1) Processor: Dual-core 1.80 GHz or better recommended Random access memory (RAM): 2 GB or more recommended Hard disk space available: 5 GB or more recommended Graphics: DirectX 9 (or higher) compatible graphics card with 512 MB memory or more Note: To display point cloud data (if applicable), your graphics card must support OpenGL version 3.2 or newer. Monitor: 1280 x 1024 or higher resolution with 256 or more colors (at 96 DPI) I/O Ports: USB 2.0 port


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