GET OVER YOUR GAS DETECTION PROBLEMS: with the MicroDrone MdTector 1000 CH4

The mdTector, from Microdrones, is a lineup of professional aerial inspection solutions. mdTector1000 CH4, is a fully integrated aerial methane inspection package. It’s purpose-built for
professionals who are responsible for inspecting methane gas infrastructure.
See and detect.
The mdTector1000 CH4 consists of a Pergam gas sensor, mounted and integrated perfectly with a Microdrones md4-1000 UAV. It has an onboard HD video link. That means that you can see in real time what you are detecting with the laser sensor.
It goes where people shouldn’t.
Whether your gas infrastructure is in a hard to reach riverbed
or near a steep cliff… the tough, carbon-fiber built drone will easily navigate terrain that would be difficult, dirty or dangerous by traditional foot crews. Microdrones is known for its
field-proven aircraft platform. It’s sturdy, stable, resistant to wind and weather, as well as dust and dampness.
A drone package for people who get stuff done.
The mdTector1000 CH4 is versatile and can be used for:
• Natural Gas Line Surveys
• Tank Inspections
• Gas Well Testing
• Landfill Emission Monitoring
• Plant Safety

The videos below are a great introduction to this exciting new aerial methane detector solution.   Contact NEI today for more information:




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