Trimble Demonstrates Two New Concept Applications for Google’s Project Tango Program

project tango1


If you haven’t heard about Google’s Project Tango Program yet, then I recommend you watch their video  to learn more about how they are working”…to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.(”   You can think of Project Tango as a mobile scanner using 3D motion and depth sensing coupled with precise positioning built right into a phone or tablet to make a 3D model of your surroundings.  Future use cases for this type of technology will be huge, and several companies have teamed up with Google to move this technology forward.


Yesterday, Trimble announced 2 concept applications, SketchUp Scan and Trimble Through The Wall, built on Project Tango’s devolopment kit ” to demonstrate potential new ways construction professionals could use their Google tablets for greater efficiency and insight on the job in the future. (”   


sketchupScanthrough the wall


Check out the Trimble website for more information and videos on how these apps will work.


If you find this interesting, you may also search around for how other companies are using Project Tango.  Ailse411, Project Tango and Walgreens have partnered up to deliver the next generation of augmented reality shopping.  Indoor mapping has been a hot topic over the past few years, so you can only imagine where this new technology will lead.





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