Trimble releases new version of Trimble Positions Desktop for use in Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop Software

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Trimble released Positions Desktop Add-in Software for Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop  this week.


We are pleased to announce a new release in the Trimble Positions suite: Trimble Positions Desktop add-in In addition to bug fixes, usability and performance improvements, and support for ArcGIS Desktop 10.5, this release also adds support for post-processing data collected using the Trimble TerraSync software with centimeter configurations of the Trimble R2 GNSS receiver and Trimble Geo 7X handheld. Highlights include:

  • Performance improvements when downloading large numbers of forms collected with the Trimble TerraFlex software. In addition to improving performance in the existing form download workflow, there is also now a new workflow option that allows the user to ‘download and mark as exported’ in a single step which bypasses the review list and increases the maximum number downloaded per attempt (from 250 to 1000 forms).
  • Support for collecting and editing features in geometric networks. The Trimble Positions Desktop add-in now properly handles field-collected updates to features in feature classes that participate in geometric networks (e.g., pipes or valves). If the geometry is updated, connected features may also be updated accordingly as per the Esri handling for geometric networks (e.g., moving a hydrant would also move that vertex of the coincident, or ‘connected’, hydrant lateral feature). New features can also be collected and checked-in but they will not be connected to the network by the add-in.
  • Support for Esri ArcGIS Desktop 10.5. Support for ArcGIS Desktop now extends from 10.1 through 10.5.
  • Feature type library. The feature type library will speed up project creation for users who create multiple projects from the same feature classes in their geodatabase. Users can store their metadata field settings, accuracy requirements and TerraSync data dictionary settings in the library, then automatically load them during new project creation when the same feature class is used.
  • Support for handhelds and GNSS receivers with centimeter accuracy. The Trimble Positions Desktop add-in can now post-process data collected in the Trimble TerraSync software, the Trimble Positions ArcPad extension and the Trimble Positions Mobile extension with centimeter configurations of the Trimble Geo7X handheld and Trimble R2 GNSS receiver. Note: Centimeter-capable versions of the Trimble Positions ArcPad extension (which will also support ArcPad 10.2.4) and the Trimble Positions Mobile extension will be available soon.
  • Additional per-feature GNSS metadata available. An extended set of per-feature GNSS metadata is now available for transfer to feature class attributes, including horizontal and vertical accuracies, feature height (HAE or MSL; of a point feature or first/last vertex in a line/polygon feature), current easting/northing or longitude/latitude values (in the current map coordinate system; of a point feature), and project/session information. This applies to the TerraSync, ArcPad, and ArcGIS for Windows Mobile workflows, and in the case of ArcGIS for Windows Mobile, is also available in the field (see Note above for availability of the Trimble Positions Mobile extension).
    In addition, the dockable window’s ‘View Positions’ grid (that shows all of the positions in a feature) has been expanded to include position solution information, DOPs, and additional GNSS metadata. The grid can be exported (per feature) to Excel via right-click.


Note: Please be aware that this release of the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in requires a schema upgrade in the office database. After uninstalling the old version and installing the new version, please run the Trimble Positions Desktop Configuration tool and click ‘Test current configuration’ to upgrade the schema. Please make a backup copy of the office database prior to the upgrade if you think you may need to roll-back to the previous version.

Another Note: If you have issues upgrading the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and the old version still appears, it may be worth manually cleaning the entry in ArcMap’s AssemblyCache after uninstalling the old version and before installing the new version. It’s generally in the following location on Windows 7 (AssemblyCache is a hidden folder):



Watch and share with colleagues the recent webinar—Using Trimble Positions to Integrate TerraSync with ArcGIS. This demonstrates the TerraSync workflow from data dictionary creation through to checking in collected data into your GIS.


Click below to download:

Trimble Positions Desktop Add-in v10.5.0.1

Trimble Positions Desktop Add-in Release Notes


Please contact NEI or your local NEI sales person for more information.  Keep an eye out for a video showing some of this new functionality at the NEIGPS YouTube channel.



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