New Product: Zephyr 3 Base and Rover GNSS Antennas

Trimble Geospatial is pleased to announce an update to the Trimble ® Zephyr GNSS Antenna product line. The new Trimble Zephyr 3 Base and Trimble Zephyr 3 Rover GNSS Antennas keep the same form factor as the current Zephyr 2 antennas but contain additional filtering capabilities. The Zephyr 3 antennas have an updated Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) designed to consolidate and improve filtering characteristics. The Zephyr 3 Base replaces the Zephyr 2 Geodetic and the Zephyr 3 Rover replaces the Zephyr 2 Rover.

Previously, the Zephyr Model 2 GNSS antennas were sold in two variations, one for North America that limited the MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) band reception, and one for Rest Of World (ROW) with full MSS band reception. The Zephyr 3 antennas consolidate this functionality into one antenna.

These new antennas allow for:

Dynamic switching of MSS frequency configurations

Additional filtering:

Filtering of Iridium interference above 1616 MHz

Japanese LTE interference below 1510 MHz

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