Trimble releases R1 GNSS Firmware 5.08

Trimble has released the 5.08 GNSS firmware (August 2017)  for the R1s and the new bluetooth mode should make the R1 easier to connect to  mobile devices.

What’s New in the 5.08 GNSS Firmware

  • Add SV123 to EGNOS SV list
  • Receiver is now discoverable over Bluetooth whenever it is switched on AND it is not connected to another device



R1 GNSS 5.08 Firmware Download

R1 GNSS 5.08 Firmware Release Notes

Trimble R1 GNSS Website


Installation Instructions

1. Ensure the R1 is turned off
2. Connect the R1 to the PC using the USB cable
3. Open the Firmware Update Wizard; Firmware version 5.08.exe
4. Click Yes
5. Select the unit from the drop down list (it should be auto-detected)
6. Click Next
7. The application will replace the firmware on the device with the new image. This will take approximately 5 minutes, during which time the progress bar will move and at times the lights on the unit will flash
8. Once the process has finished click Finish to close the Firmware Update Wizard

*If your PC doesn’t find the “Device Driver” for R1 automatically then follow this steps: Verify that your computer has the latest updates and USB Drivers.  Consult with your IT Staff if they need to download the latest “USB Drivers”.  If none of the previous trouble-shooting steps work then go to this website CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified to resolve USB connection issues with your PC and the R1.   Scroll down on this website and find and download the driver that matches your Operating System and Processor for your computer.

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