Geospatial Weekly Newsletter: July-20-2022

Customer Webinar: TBC Power Hour

Join us for a customer webinar on 27-July at 9:00am CST, “TBC Power Hour: Determine the Best Field and Office Tools for Your Campaign Monitoring Toolkit.”


Getting Started with Trimble Access

The “Getting Started with Trimble Access” software video series is now available on the Trimble Access YouTube channel. From creating a project or job to performing a GNSS site calibration, this playlist is a good resource for customers with new surveyors on their team, or anyone who is new to Trimble Access.

YouTube Playlist


New Battery Part Number 

The new battery (PN 192670-25), used in a few products like the Trimble R2, can be ordered standalone and will also roll into main product bundles. At release, all standalone battery sales must be purchased through manual ordering due to initial availability. The old battery (PN 192670) is now at the end of life and will no longer be available for purchase.

Product Bulletin

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