Release: Trimble EM450 Empower Radio Module

The Trimble EM450 UHF radio receiver Empower module will be released to the public next week for select regions. The EM450 module provides radio communication for GNSS RTK systems and will enable receivers that do not have internal radios to work with radio delivered corrections. EM450 is compatible with all Empower-enabled devices such as the Trimble TSC7, T7, T100, and TSC5 handhelds.

The Trimble EM450 supports receiving GNSS RTK corrections only for the UHF frequency bands (410 MHz–470 MHz) and is only offered in specific countries where regulations do not allow 900MHz radios. The EM940 is a dual mode module and can use both UHF and 900MHz. It is offered in all other countries where it is allowed by law. Check your iStore listings for which module is available in your region. The EM450 module will be orderable within the next two weeks. For more information refer to the bulletin.


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