Introducing the New Trimble MX90 Mobile Mapping System

Introducing the New Trimble MX90 Mobile Mapping System.  With state-of-the-art Trimble GNSS and inertial technology, when combined with Trimble field and office software, the Trimble MX90 provides a complete field-to-finish mobile mapping solution that enables powerful workflows for data capture, processing and analysis.

Trimble MX90 System Highlights
Immersive 360-degree panoramic and targeted cameras
Capture high-resolution imagery of details, such as small or distant road and rail signs, telecommunications towers, or cracks and holes in roads.  High-density colorized point clouds
Take advantage of rich and accurate color projections, through the collection of more pixels. Very dense point clouds, together with high-resolution imagery (panoramic and planar) and accurate trajectories provide the basis for a wide range of deliverables, such as street scenes, road and rail asset details, elevation models, volume calculations, 3D city models and as-built surveys.

High-end IMU
Achieve high-quality data in challenging GNSS environments with the IN-Fusion+ data processing technology.
Reliable office software solutions.  Data from the Trimble MX90 mobile mapping system supports multiple use cases and applications, such as road inspection workflows and integration into cloud-based applications for efficient data sharing.

Achieve New Levels of Productivity with the Trimble MX90 Mobile Mapping System

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