If I have Trimble hardware with Cellular capabilities, can I use a SIM card with pre-paid data plans?


You can use a SIM card with a pre-paid data plan, but keep in mind that not all cell phone provider pre-paid data plans are the same, so some may not work.  Chad Hicks, nei’s Arkansas MGIS sales rep, recently spent some time at his local AT&T store to find out what plans did and didn’t work.  The steps below have been tested with the AT&T service provider on a GeoXH 6000, but it should work with other Trimble cellular capable devices.

  • Go into an official AT&T store and ask for a ‘Standard Size’ SIM card. This is FREE.
  • Request to activate this SIM card for use…this will assign a phone number to the card.
    • When activating AT&T will need to record your name and address.
  • Next ask to purchase a prepaid ‘Go Phone’ plan for the newly activated card.
    • The initial setup requires either the $40 or $60 plans shown below for compatibility:


    • The $60 plan is recommended, it includes 2.5 GB of data and can refilled for as little as $10 for 1GB as necessary.
    • As data is depleted user should receive text notifications of the remaining balance.
    • To refill users can use the in-store kiosk or visit http://www.att.com/mygophone or call 800.901.9878.


  •   With the Geo turned off insert the SIM card into its slot.
  •  Turn on the Geo
    • Go to Wireless Manager and ensure the ‘Phone’ is turned on.
    • Go to Setting> Connections> Connections.
    • Select ‘Automatically configure connection’ (see below)


    •   Next message displayed should indicate the setup was successful. 


  • To test the internet connection go to ‘Internet Explorer’ and enter neigps.com.
    • When the site loads your internet connection will be successfully complete and setup.




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