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GPS is Disconnected in TerraSync


The GPS status in TerraSync shows disconnected in the Skyplot View of the Status Screen.  How do I connect the GPS?


  1. Click the drop down arrow next the STATUS and Select SETUP
  2. Click on the GPS SETTINGS Button
  3. Make sure your GPS Receiver Port is set to the correct COM Port
    •       – GeoExplorer Series (GeoXM, XT, XH) = COM3
    •          – Juno ST = COM2
    •          – Nomad = COM2
    •          – ProXR/XRS = COM1 Serial Cable on COM1
    •          – Recon with GPS Card = COM2
    •          – Recon with XB = Bluetooth COM you set up
    •          – Recon with ProXT/XH = Bluetooth COM you set up
    •          – TSC2 with ProXT/XH = Bluetooth COM you set up
    •          – Any GPS connected with a serial cable = COM1
  4. If you are connecting to a GPS receiver via Bluetooth, check your Bluetooth settings.
    • Click on Start/Settings/Connections and Bluetooth Icon
    • Select the MODE tab
      • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on
    • Select the DEVICES tab
      • Check to see if you device is in the list. If it isnt, set it up.
    • Select the COM Ports tab
      • Check to see if you have an outgoing port. If it isnt, set it up.
    • Some Devices use the Serial Ports tab to setup an outgoing or client Serial Port
  5.  Click on OK to exit the GPS Settings Menu
  6. Click on the GPS button in the top right hand corner of the screen.
    • You will see two cables trying to connect.
    • When the GPS finally connects you should hear a chime, and a satellite icon will appear.

If your GPS still doesn’t connect:


  1. Try a Soft Reset
  2. Try a Hard Reset
  3. Make sure you have updated firmware
  4. Call 1-800-949-1446
  5. Send it in for repair

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