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My GPS is not running up to Par using TerraSync Software


Your GPS may be having trouble acquiring satellites or stay locked onto enough satellites to collect field data.

The almanac may be outdated.  We suggest having an almanac date no older than 1 month.

The almanac is, “data transmitted by a GPS satellite, which includes orbit information on all the satellites, clock correction, and atmospheric delay parameters.The almanac is used to facilitate rapid SV acquisition.The orbit information is a subset of the ephemeris data with reduced precision. (Trimble TerraSync Software and GPS Pathfinder Office Software Training Guide, Pg. 243)

Check the almanac date in TerraSync

  1. Open TerraSync on the mobile device
  2. Make sure the GPS connects
    • If inside you will see a Satellite Icon with a zero next to it
  3. Navigate to theStatus Menu
  4. On the sub-menu (usually is Skyplot), use the drop down arrow to Select Receiver
  5. Check the Almanac date
  6. If older than one month complete the following
    • Got to the Setup Menu
    • Click on Options
    • Select Reset GPS Receiver
    • Set the unit outside with a clear view of the sky and wait for 12 – 15 minutes to obtain a new almanac.

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