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How to Email TerraSync Data Files from a Windows Mobile Device using a WIFI Connection


  • Turn on the WIFI on your Windows Mobile Device
  • Find a WIFI Internet access
  • Tell it to connect to the Internet
  • Enter a Network key if required
  • Connect to the Wireless Network
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Navigate to your email provider website
  • Login
  • Attached all 8 RAW Data files that make up a TerraSync SSF file
  • Located under My Documents/TerraSync
  • Raw Data File Types
    • .dd
    • .gis
    • .gix
    • .obs
    • .obx
    • .gic
    • .gip
    • .giw
  • Send them
  • To get the data into Pathfinder Office:
  •  Save the RAW Data files into a folder
  • Open a project in PFO
  • Open the Data Transfer Utility
  • Create a new Device
  • This has to be a GIS FOLDER
  • Navigate to the location where you saved the RAW data files
  • Tell it that its using TerraSync Software and the version
  • Finish the Device
  • Connect to the new Device and Transfer your data to create an SSF file

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