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How do I Create Waypoints in ArcPad?


  • Option1:  Single Waypoints
    • Click on the find tool in ArcPad (binoculars)
    • Click on the Location tab
    • Select your Coordinate System
      • Current coordinate System
      • Latitude/Longitude
      • UTM Zone
      • MGRS
  • * If the Coordinate System isn’t in the list then see related article about changing ArcPad’s default projection
    • Enter your values
    • Label your point
    • Click on OK
      • this point should come up on the screen
  • Turn on the GPS
  • Turn on the GPS Position window
  • Navigate to your point


  • Option 2 Mulitple Waypoints
    • Create a new shapefile (Waypoints)
      • yellow folder icon, new, shapefile
      • Make sure its a point shapefile
      • Create some fields
      • Save the shapefile
    •  Create a Quick Form
      • make sure to check box next to Attributes and Geography page
      •  click on OK
    • Create a new waypoint
      • make sure the shapefile is editable (this should happen automatically…there will be a red box around the point shapefile)
      •  Digitize a point
        • Type in your attributes (name)
      • Click on the Geography tab
        • Enter your coordinates
        • Click on OK
      • Repeat for all your waypoints
  • Navigate to your new waypoints
    • Click on the select tool
    • Click on your point (it will highlight with a box around it)
    • Click on the information button
    • Select the GoTo tool
    • Use the GPS Position window to navigate

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