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Trimble R7 GNSS Base, No Radio

The Trimble R7 offers a comprehensive GNSS support in a rugged, modular design that employs an external GNSS antenna for greater flexibility.  Trimble R-Track technology in the receiver supports L2C and L5 GPS, plus GLONASS. Use the Trimble R7 for RTK or static surveying, or in a Trimble VRS™ infrastructure network. Employing a separate antenna, the modular Trimble R7 enables flexibility – choose from the Trimble Zephyr™ 2 for a rover solution or the Zephyr Geodetic™ 2 for a base station solution. The Trimble R7 is ideal for multiple surveying applications, including topographic, cadastral, seismic, stakeout, and control.


SKU: R7200-00
  • Available on backorder

Available on backorder

  • Advanced, modular  72-channel system configuration
  • Trimble R-Track satellite tracking technology
  • External high power UHF radio provides the flexibility to be used on the pole or as a base station
  • Select from the Zephyr-2 GNSS antenna or the Zephyr-2 GNSS Geodetic antenna
  • Partner with Trimble Access and the TSC3 controller

Performance specifications
• Trimble R-Track technology
• Advanced Trimble MaxwellTM Custom Survey GNSS Chip
• High precision multiple correlator for GNSS pseudorange measurements
• Unfiltered, unsmoothed pseudorange measurements data for low noise,
low multipath error, low time domain correlation and high dynamic
• Very low noise GNSS carrier phase measurements with <1 mm precision
in a 1 Hz bandwidth
• Signal-to-Noise ratios reported in dB-Hz
• Proven Trimble low elevation tracking technology
• 72 Channels:
– GPS L1 C/A Code, L2C, L1/L2/L5 Full Cycle Carrier1
– GLONASS L1 C/A Code, L1 P Code, L2 P Code, L1/L2 Full Cycle Carrier