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TRIMBLE Geo 7 Series - H-Star Option Upgrade

TRIMBLE Geo 7 Series – H-Star Option Upgrade


SKU: 93288-01

When your GIS database requires the highest levels of accuracy, Trimble® H-Star™ technology is the solution. Delivering subfoot (<30 cm) to decimeter (10 cm) real-time or postprocessed accuracy, H-Star technology is engineered with the needs of GIS and mapping professionals in mind. H-Star technology brings together advanced hardware technology and smart software algorithms and workflows to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy. The following sections explain how the elements of H-Star technology are optimized to give you the best possible performance.

Trimble H-Star technology combines advances in GPS receiver design and innovative field and office software to achieve superior accuracy. In the field, this translates to an efficient and easy-to-use system that allows data to be collected without the time, cost and complex workflows previously associated with high accuracy data collection. H-Star data is recorded using Trimble software specifically designed for high-accuracy data collection. The software’s status bar clearly shows the accuracy currently being achieved if you’re working in real time, or the predicted accuracy that will be achieved after postprocessing. With H-Star technology, you can typically expect to achieve subfoot or decimeter accuracy within just two minutes of continuous data collection. If lock on satellites is maintained, subsequent features will reach your required accuracy level within seconds. Working in real time, Trimble H-Star systems receive GPS corrections from a VRS network or a dual-frequency reference station to achieve on-the-spot accuracy. For cable-free convenience, use a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to receive your corrections wirelessly over the Internet. Choose the Trimble H-Star product that best suits the way you work.