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Trimble Business Center Basic, Complete and Advanced

This 3 day, PDH-eligible class will consist of Trimble Business Center Basic, Complete and Advanced.


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Trimble Business Center Basic, Complete and Advanced Modules. Take one, two, or all three classes!

June 17th, 2014



Creating a Project:

Project settings, setting project parameters in TBC

Feature Definition Management, creating line control codes and attributes

Data Import, importing data from the collector to TBC

Data viewing, viewing imported data and correcting problems

3D Data Visualization

Google Earth Tools

Optical/Total Station Data Processing

Network Adjustment

Advanced Reporting

Cad and Cogo Tools

Automated Feature Code Processing and Symbol Placement

Advanced Data Management Tools

Internet Services, Trimble Connected Community, OPUS

SketchUp Compatibility

Data Export, exporting data and relevant files to the collector



June 18th, 2014

DAY TWO –  TBC Complete

Processing Data:

GNSS Baseline Processing

Site Calibration tools

Surface Tools

Contouring Tools

Cut/Fill Maps

Advanced Volume Calculations

Image georeferencing tools, Trimble Vision with the Robot

Point cloud data

Post processing with Trimble RTX GNSS

3D Data drive through


June 19th, 2014

DAY THREE –  TBC Advanced


Corridor Desing Tools

Terrestrial Photogrammetry Tools

Automated Object Creation form CAD  Designs

Automated Point Creation at Intervals

Superelevation Diagrams

Advanced Cross-Section Tools