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SP80 GNSS Single Receiver Kit with UHF 430-470 MHz 2W TRx

Comes with UHF 430-470 MHz 2W TRx


SKU: 94334-50

SP80 GNSS Receiver

PN 92600-10 – Battery – Li-Ion, 2.6Ah, 7.4V 19.2 Wh (x2) PN 61116-10 – Charger – Dual Li-Ion Battery Charger PN 78651-SPN – Power Cord Kit with C7 Connector PN 78650-SPN – Power Supply,65W,19V,3.42A,100-240VAC PN 93374 – Tape Measure, 3.6m / 12ft PN 88400-50-SPN – Extension Pole 7cm PN 67901-11 – Cable USB Client to Host PN 802142-02 – Hard Case, including Large Soft Bag Product Software and Documentation Leaflet

SP80 Quick Start Guide

Anti-Theft Technology Sticker

2 year manufacturer’s warranty

PN 92673-00 – SP80 UHF Kit, 2W TRx, 410-470 MHz PN 94336 – SP80 Office Power Kit

PN 67410-11 – Antenna Portable, 6” Rubber Duck, 425-475 MHz