Webinar: Timber Cruising with eCognition

Date: Thursday, October 15
Time: 8:00 am MDT | 4:00 pm CET
Presenter: Keith Peterson

The eCognition Suite is our software platform for geospatial applications. Version 9.5 continues to leverage the latest feature extraction technology to solve challenging problems faster and more accurately for remote sensing specialists, Geographic Information System (GIS) experts, cartographers, photogrammetry and other geospatial professionals.
In this Power Hour webinar, we will walk through a technical demonstration of how Trimble eCognition can be used to extract valuable information for foresters from a combination of image and LiDAR data. Users will learn how to extract individual tree crowns, tree positions and tree height using a mix of OBIA tools in a fully automated Rule Set.

Attendees will learn about:

• Point cloud operations such as rasterize point clouds

• Filter algorithms like fill pixel values & pixel filter 2D

• Watershed segmentation

• Generating 3D vector layers with attributes


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