Trimble Access Software Version 2020.01 Release is Now Available


Version 2020.01 of the Trimble Access software was released in June 2020. To download these release notes as a PDF file, click this link.

These Release Notes describe the new features and changes available in this release of the Trimble® Access™ software.

Resolved issues

  • Creating jobs in subfolders: When creating a job in a subfolder of the project folder, you can now select map files or link files that are in the project folder as well as the subfolder.
  • Exported files: Exported files are now output to the same folder as the job, rather than always to the project folder.
  • Copying jobs: We have resolved an issue where if you attempted to copy a job to a subfolder when the current job was in the same destination subfolder, then the job was copied to the project folder instead of the subfolder.
  • Compute distance with linked files: We have resolved an issue where you could not compute a distance with points in a linked job or CSV file.
  • Cogo graphics persisting on the map: We have resolved an issue where if more than one form was open alongside the map, then the yellow highlighting and lines on points selected for Cogo functions remained in the map once the Cogo form was closed.
  • Voice messages overlapping: We have resolved an issue where voice messages which occurred close together sometimes overlapped, for example, “Target lost” and “Target locked” or “Observation stored” and “Changing face”.
  • Stakeout information missing on map: We have resolved an issue where the cut or fill values were not displayed in the map.
  • Annotate snapshot missing coordinates: We have resolved an issue when using the Snapshot on measure function to capture a snapshot when measuring from the instrument Video screen, where coordinate information was not always shown on the annotated snapshot, or in the information panel below.
  • Lines and polylines may appear offset in stakeout: Lines and polylines no longer appear to have a small horizontal offset in the Stakeout screen. This was a graphics display issue and appeared only on the TDC600.
  • TDC600 on-screen keyboard: We have improved the behavior of the on-screen keyboard on the TDC600 so that it better remembers whether the alphanumeric or numeric keyboard was last used in a particular field, and displays the last used keyboard.
  • Using RTX with GDA94: We have fixed an error of a few meters when transforming RTX coordinates from ITRF2014 to GDA94.
  • SV subset keys for GNSS RTK surveys: We have resolved an issue where the SV subset keys were not available in the Satellites screen when xFill was enabled in the GNSS RTK survey style.
  • Application errors: We have fixed several issues that caused application errors when using or closing the software. In particular:
    • When zooming, panning or orbiting the map when a GeoTIF or TIF file or layers from a Web Map Service (WMS) are displayed.
    • When staking polylines when the Use chainage distance terminology check box is enabled in the Languages screen.
    • When attempting to complete a resection in an integrated survey when the End survey GNSS function has been added as a Favorite.
    • In the Calculator screen when computing the vertical distance between two points using the V.Dist softkey.
    • When using some applications such as MonitoringLand SeismicLevel Me, and Katastermodul Deutschland.

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