Time To Do More Webinar Series

Join us as Trimble hosts these educational webinars:

October 28

TBC Power Hour: How to Integrate Total Station, Level, and GNSS Data

In this webinar, we will cover different workflow scenarios for combining locally scaled total station data with WGS-84 based GNSS observations. Learn best practices for conducting survey data transformations and combining optical and GNSS data into the same Trimble Business Center software project.

Level: TBC Software User
Presenters: Boris Skopljak

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November 4

Integrated Surveying – A case study in the ultimate data collection and processing project.

What happens when you take a Trimble R10 GNSS receiver, UX5 UAS, TX8 3D scanner, V10 imaging rover and a full suite of software to a beautiful island to capture a world heritage site? Join us and explore the results and get tips and tricks for processing different datasets to create the most complete deliverable possible.

Level: Intro
Presenters: Richard Hassler, Jason Rossback

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November 11
A building renovation project using 3D scanning : from field collection to 3D modeling in SketchUp®Explore how le FabShop in France benefited from Trimble 3D technologies when starting a building renovation project in Paris. While designing a new 700m² office and workshop space to be opened to public in a multi-story vintage building, numerous challenging questions were raised: structural aspects, space organization, regulatory considerations… In this webinar, the complete workflow is being discussed: scanning with Trimble TX8 3D laser scanner, processing data in Trimble RealWorks and 3D modeling using scans within SketchUp®.Level: Intermediate
Presenters: Gregory Lepere, Jason Rossback

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