Geometric Accuracy Assessment of Unmanned Digital Cameras and LiDAR Payloads

June 28, 2018 | Mohamed M. R. Mostafa, Stefanie Van-Wierts, and Vi Huynh | Microdrones |

Over the last few years, a number of sophisticated multi-sensor systems have been integrated onboard Unmanned Aerial platforms. This allows for producing a variety of mapping products for different mapping applications. Recently, the resulting final mapping product accuracies match those of the traditional well-engineered manned systems. This paper presents the results of development and testing of a fully integrated unmanned systems for professional grade mapping. There are a number of parameters that either individually or collectively affect the quality and accuracy of a final airborne mapping product. This paper focuses on identifying the attainable accuracy when using a metric camera or a LiDAR payload onboard a drone. Assessment of the final ground object positioning accuracy is presented through real-world test flight missions flown in Canada and the USA.

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