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Bluetooth Transfer on Ricoh Camera


On the Geo or any windows mobile 5 device:

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Connections tab (bottom screen) and select Bluetooth
  2. Select the Mode Tab and make sure both options are checked.
  3. Close out

On the Ricoh:

  1. Turn on
  2. Press the Menu button
  3. Tab over (right arrow) 3 times EXP SET
  4. Scroll down to Change COM and change it to BT
  5. Scroll up once to Quick Send Mode
  6. Set to one touch
    • This step has to be done once
  7. Take a picture
  8. Press the play button to view picture
  9. Press the Menu button (Play Back Settings)
  10. Scroll up to File Send
  11. Arrow Over
  12. Press the Adjust button (button with Nipple on it) to scan for bluetooth devices (geo)
  13. Highlight your geo and tell it to send
  14. On the Mobile Device you will see a screen that says picture is coming over
  15. Then you will see a screen that asks if you would like to save to GPS…tell it yes

From now on, whenever you take a picture you need to hit a button after the picture is taken and it will send over to the Geo.


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