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Trimble TX8 Portable 3D Laser Scanner

Overlay Cloud Point Data onto 70 mp photographs.


SKU: TX8S-1001

The Trimble® TX8 laser scanner sets new standards for
performance and ease of use in high-speed collection of 3D
data. Using a state-of-the-art blend of speed, long range
and precision, the Trimble TX8 delivers high quality results in
industrial measurement, engineering, construction, forensics
and other applications that require high levels of accuracy
and flexibility.
A Revolution in 3D Scanning
The Trimble TX8 combines speed and range to reduce the
time and effort for 3D scanning. The TX8 lets you gather
data more quickly from each setup while the scanner’s long
range reduces the number of setups needed to do the job.
As a result, you’ll finish your projects faster and with the
confidence that your data is complete and accurate.
Using Trimble’s patented Lightning™ technology, the Trimble
TX8 can measure one million points per second while
capturing precise data over its full measurement range.
Because Trimble Lightning technology is less susceptible to
variation in surface types and atmospheric conditions, you
can capture complete datasets from each station.
The Trimble TX8 streamlines work in the office as well.
The scanner’s clean, low-noise data results in less time for
processing. Data from the Trimble TX8 loads directly into
Trimble RealWorks® and Trimble Scan Explorer software. The
Trimble TX8 paired with Trimble RealWorks also provides
efficient dataflow into popular CAD programs.