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Trimble TerraSync Professional Software

Trimble® TerraSync™ software is designed for fast and efficient field GIS data collection and maintenance.  Integrating all the ways you collect data—with a GNSS handheld computer, laser rangefinder, or centimeter-grade equipment—it’s a powerful system for the collection of high quality feature and position data for GIS update and maintenance.
Simple, efficient, and productive in the field—Trimble TerraSync software is the clear choice for collecting and maintaining high quality GIS data.

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Regardless of the field application and the complexity of the GIS data to be collected, Trimble TerraSync software provides simple and efficient workflows to capture high quality data quickly and easily.

You can choose the edition that suits your needs:

  • Standard edition: For data collection projects that do not require the update or maintenance of data.
  • Professional edition: Provides all the functionality required for data collection and maintenance projects.
  • Centimeter edition: All the functionality of the Professional edition with the ability to connect with centimeter-grade receivers.

In conjunction with a supported Trimble GNSS receiver and handheld computer, Trimble TerraSync software is the ideal platform for:

  • Utilities: Mapping of utility poles, sewers and water valves, gas and pipeline corridors, critical infrastructure mapping.
  • Local government: City asset management, town planning, mapping of signage and parks.
  • Environmental management: Natural resources mapping, pollution control, planning permission and compliance, water quality, species inventory.

* This is a downloadable product and NO MEDIA will be shipped