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Nikon NPL-322+ 5" Single Face Total Station with battery and charger

Nikon NPL 322+ Total Station

$5,550.00 $4,440.00

SKU: HQA46560

The Nikon NPL-322 Reflectorless Total Station allows you to take fast, accurate distant measurements using Nikon’s legendary superior optics with 5-second accuracy and at a distance of up to 1,312 feet reflectorlessly or 9,840 feet with a prism!

Following the tradition of the popular Nikon DTM-322 Total Station, the Nikon NPL-322 performs reflectorless distance measurement, extremely accurate angle measurement and is designed to consume a minimal amount of power, all of which save time and money while allowing you take rapid survey measurements.

High Precision EDM

Take precise measurements without a prism using the Nikon NPL-322 from a distance of up to 656 feet in only 1.8 seconds. You’ll appreciate the convenience of reflectorless measurement, which allows measurement to difficult or dangerous places, such as overhead power lines, scaffolding, and bridges without compromising safety. Simply aim the total station at the point to be measured, and you’ll enjoy precise measurements within a few seconds.

The Nikon Reflectorless Total Station with superior on-board software can also perform measurement with a reflector sheet or prism up to a distance of nearly 10,000 feet with ease. When measurements are completed, the data points can either be saved in internal memory, which can store up to 10,000 points or transferred to a laptop or PC using the included RS232C serial cable.

Superior Nikon Optics

The Nikon 5-Second Total Station shines when it comes to the superior optics of the NPL-322. Nikon’s legendary optics help you aim towards your target with precision by enabling you to see more detail and less distortion when looking through the telescope lens. Even under low visibility conditions, the NPL-322 boasts bright, clear images, putting less strain on the eyes. After a long workday, this feature is especially appreciated by surveying professionals.

Nikon Survey Software

Nikon Survey software has an intuitive and easy to learn user interface that includes a complete set of COGO and survey stakeout functions, simple data management, and quick field coding for convenient one-button data collection of point features and raw target data. Supporting both prism-based and reflectorless technologies, this field software configures different prism or reflectorless measurement parameters to eliminate time switching between measurement modes.

Low Power Consumption

If you have ever had the misfortune of batteries running out in the middle of a job, then you’ll certainly appreciate the 11 hour operating time of the Nikon Reflectorless Total Station. Using only a single battery, the NPL-322 allows you to take more measurements than ever before, even on the most complex survey jobs. Plus, the NPL-322 comes with an additional Li-Ion rechargeable battery, so you can double the amount of time you can perform survey measurements while out in the field.

Rugged and Lightweight

The Nikon Optical Total Station not only uses less power than its competitors, but with an IP56 environmental rating, it is also protected against access to hazardous parts, powerful water jets and dust. At only 10 pounds, the lightweight total station is easy to transport from place to place, either with the tripod or using the hard carryingcase.

Ergonomic Design

The Nikon NPL-322 not only features superior technology, but it also is designed to be user friendly. The 24-key easy to use alphanumeric keypad can enter numbers, letters, or symbols, and with a single control panel that is backlit for low visibility conditions. Combined with the graphic LCD screen, the crisp, clear data makes taking accurate measurements that much easier.

The Nikon NPL-322 (2-Second) Reflectorless Total Station is the perfect solution for surveying professionals who desire to boost their productivity. With superior optics, reflectorless measurement, low power consumption and user-friendly interface, you can feel confident about taking extremely acccurate survey measurements while saving time and money.