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GNSS Marine SPS855 No Radio


SKU: 91555-00

The Trimble SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver is an advanced construction modular receiver with position-only or position and heading capabilities that set it apart from the competition. The SPS855 can be used as a base or rover and provides a choice of antennas plus it’s easy to configure, making it capable of any operation.

Users can secure the majority of the SPS855 inside a site trailer, vessel cabin or carrying case to protect it from the elements or theft with only the antennas outside.

The SPS855 utilizes all available satellite signals currently available, including L1, L2 and the GPS modernized L2C code.  For optimized performance in areas of tough GPS-only conditions, upgrade the SPS855 with GLONASS and L5 GPS signals.

Committed to have Galileo and Compass GNSS-compatible products available to customer in advance of system availability, Trimble has made the SPS855 capable of tracking the experimental Compass GNSS, Galileo GIOVE-A and –B test satellites for signal evaluation and test purposes.

The SPS855 also features the new Trimble Maxwell 6 Chip to provide more memory, more GNSS channels and the ability to track and provide corrections for up to 44 satellites. This ability to track more satellites results in faster system initialization and improved operation near tree canopies and other obstructions and can also reduce system downtime when GPS satellite availability is limited.

Because it is part of a larger family of receivers, using the same user interface, accessories and workflows, the SPS855 allows for multi-unit fleets to be created with interchangeable components.