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eCognition for Trident Perpetual – First Seat


SKU: LMTRID-400-00

The most advanced image analysis software available for geospatial applications. eCognition for Trident Perpetual Software suite is one part of a software suite developed by Trimble.

Pioneered a decade ago for satellite remote sensing, eCognition enables geospatial data such as images, point clouds and Geographic Information System (GIS) vectors to be integrated and analyzed to quantify features or detect changes over time.

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eCognition Essentials software is an all-in-one solution that allows users of any skill level to quickly produce high-quality, GIS-ready deliverables from satellite imagery. Based on core eCognition software technology, eCognition Essentials’ guided workflow makes analysis of remote sensing data faster, saving time in ruleset definition.

eCognition Essentials software offers an out-of-the-box solution to perform common remote sensing tasks such as forest, agricultural and land-cover mapping. Furthermore, users can execute change detection tasks by either comparing an image pair from two different time intervals or use an existing GIS-Layer and compare it to a newly acquired image. The guided workflow enables analysis of standard data sources via image segmentation, sample-based or change detection classification, combined with a set of interactive tools for quality control.

Save time with ruleset development through pre-defined workflow steps. Remote sensing and GIS analysts are able to easily extract valuable information with optimal results.