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Custom Pelican Cases With Active GPS Tracker

Theft-Deterrence + Protection

Starting at $300 Call for a quote today!

Custom fit protective equipment cases with the added peace of mind of GPS Tracker Technology. Who wants to deal with pluck-foam inserts only to end up with a fit that still isn’t quite snug? When it comes to your valuable survey, construction, offshore or MGIS assets, demand a perfect fit. You probably already know that Pelican ProGear cases are the industry standard for their weatherproof, airtight durability and their easy one-handed latch operation, but did you also know that we can retrofit any case from any manufacturer with a more durable and dense styrofoam insert, permanently adhered and cut to the exact specifications of a CAD rendering of your equipment? Now customizable with Trimble Locate2Protect Active GPS Tracking Technology. Questions? Call Supply/Production + Fleet Management Sales Representative Kevin Cormier today to discuss your needs. Kevin Cormier M: 337.322.2272 O: 337.237.1413 F: 337.237.1417